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Looking for an experience in Vale do Pati in Chapada Diamantina?

Considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil, Vale do Pati is a complete trekking experience. Read on to know 10 facts about this place and what you can plan to do there on your next adventure!

1- It was part of the coffee cycle

Vale do Pati

Vale do Pati has excellent soil for growing coffee, and in the heyday of the coffee cycle 400 families used to live here, and the place had a school, church, and city hall. The trails currently traveled by tourists were used to drain the coffee that was planted years ago. After the decay of coffee, Pati was almost completely abandoned by the late 1970s. The region was incorporated into the Chapada Diamantina National Park in 1985 although just over 10 families remained there, getting most of their income from tourism, and welcoming backpackers into their rustic homes.

2- Nature lover’s paradise 

Although Chapada Diamantina offers hundreds of beautiful landscapes, this route is undoubtedly the jewel of the park with amazing views, canyons, landscapes, waterfalls, and caves, from short hikes to long trails. Vale do Pati gathers all a backpacker is looking for: an adventurous challenge, days of solitude away from the outside world, and a fresh look at this beautiful earth.

3- And the award goes to…

Vale do Pati is considered the best trekking destination in Brazil. It won the award for best trek in the country by the Ministry of Tourism. The Valley is also mentioned as one of the top trekking circuits in the world!

4- Every day is a day for a great attraction

Vale do Pati trekking is for all ages
The Cachoeirão, with its 270 meters, is the second-largest waterfall in Chapada Diamantina, behind only Fumaça, with 360 meters. In times of flood, she can have dozens of falls! Castle Hill has a cave at the top! You have to cross it to have access to an incredible viewpoint, up there. Flashlights on!

5- Different trails and local houses

The Valley has 3 main accesses, Guiné (Mucugê district), Andaraí and Vale do Capão (Palmeiras district), and you can choose depending on how many days you have. As well, Vale do Pati tours can differ slightly in what destinations they include during the days. You can sleep in a local house on the first day and sleep in another on the second to get close to the attraction you want to go to. Most itineraries involve Funnis Waterfall, Castle Hill, Tree Well, and Cachoeirão from the top or above (completely different trails). Whatever you see will be memorable!

6- Interact with local people

Visitors also have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the local history and culture and learn about the way of life of these mountain people. Mr. Wilson, a native of Pati, stayed in the capital for 16 years working on construction before returning and marrying Dona Maria. As agriculture was prohibited after the creation of the National Park, it was the first to receive backpackers in 1997, who exchanged wild camping for good food and bed. Currently, her daughter, Nara, welcomes guests to her home.

7- Remnant of Atlantic Forest

Vale do Pati is one of the few places in Chapada with remnants of the Atlantic Forest, which can be seen in the area called “Calixto”, which still has a waterfall. Take a deep breath here!

8- Excellent Brazilian home cooking

The food here is a true feast of Brazilian home cooking. You will be able to enjoy breakfasts and dinners made with local ingredients and costumes, with carnivorous and vegetarian options very well served.

9- Solar energy is the only energy 

There is only solar energy here, enough to charge cell phones and machine batteries. The refrigerator is gas and the bath is cold. Most supplies, like food, and gas, among all the things you will use, such as mattresses, blankets, plates, cutlery, etc, arrive in the valley on horseback, donkey, or even on foot. Can you imagine carrying a solar battery through these mountains?

10- No internet at all

what to visit in vale do pati
You won’t have cell phone service at all, or wi-fi, but you will have some new friends to talk to. Pati Valley is about being immersed in nature so be prepared to be completely disconnected from the outside world and live in the present moment. Just enjoy!

Live an adventure in Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina, connect with an English-speaking local guide on PlanetaEXO, and make traveling more sustainable one adventure at a time! 🙂

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