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Long before tourism was a constant in Vale do Capão, in Chapada Diamantina, a group of local residents gathered to fight the increasingly frequent and mostly criminal fires that emerged in the region. With each fire, a new environmental disaster that would take years to recover. To protect the place where they lived, in 1997, the first group of volunteer firefighters was formed in Vale do Capão. They were the ones who, without the help of government or specialized equipment, climbed the mountains to put out the fire.

incêndio chapada diamantina
Another criminal fire in Vale do Capão, 2021, Chapada Diamantina.

From the 2000s onwards, the increase in the number of tourists on the trails gave this group one more reason to create the Associação de Visitantes do Vale do Capão (ACV-VC). A headquarters was installed at the entrance of the Cachoeira da Fumaça trail and the organizers spearheaded the promotion of sustainable ecotourism, welcoming visitors and offering guide services and information about the region.

In addition to the great mission of encouraging environmental awareness for the sustainable development of the region, the association also provides civil defense services, rescuing the injured in remote areas, and they are still the main firefighters who work together with the other brigade teams volunteers from the cities of Chapada.

Non-profit, ACV-VC members are not remunerated and rely on the support of the community and tourists to make cash donations. This financial investment is used to support the realization of courses and training for the associated guides; the purchase of fire-fighting and protection equipment; maintenance of trails; development of environmental education actions for the community; in addition to contributing to the structure of the headquarters.

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