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Welcome to PlanetaEXO, your gateway to authentic outdoor adventures. We are more than a platform; we are your trusted guide to extraordinary, sustainable experiences. Our journey began with a simple but sincere belief: that the essence of adventure lies in embracing the natural world in a responsible and enriching way.

Our dedicated team carefully selects each adventure, ensuring it aligns with our core values of sustainability and authenticity. This curated approach saves you time and guarantees a quality adventure at your fingertips.

We’re motivated by the belief that travel can be a force for good. When you choose PlanetaEXO, you’re not just booking an adventure; you’re embracing a philosophy that values the natural world and the infinite wonders it holds. You’ll also be joining a larger movement of responsible travel, supporting local communities, and contributing to the global initiative of sustainable tourism.

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Handpicked Adventures

We screen countless adventures to present only the exceptional. Our curated selection allows you to focus less on planning and more on experiencing.

Hassle-Free & Flexible Booking

Our booking process is simple and flexible, offering convenience and free cancellation, ensuring a seamless transition from booking to adventure.

Exceptional Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our professional, English-speaking team is always available to answer your questions and tailor your bookings to your preferences.

Sustainable Adventures

Every adventure we offer is assessed for its impact on the environment and local communities, ensuring a rewarding and responsible experience.


I booked this incredible 3-day trekking experience through PlanetaEXO, and I couldn't be happier with their service! Our guide, truly made this adventure in Lencois Maranhenses Park unforgettable. His incredible knowledge and enthusiasm not only enriched our experience with the park's natural beauty but also allowed us to connect with Brazilian culture and customs. PlanetaEXO provided a top-notch experience from start to finish, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure!

Tommaso - ItalyLençóis Maranhenses

I traveled this year for 4 months in Brazil and made 4 trips with PlanetaEXO. I went to Chapada Diamantina (3 days hike) Jalap√£o (6 days), Amaz√īnia (5 days), and Len√ß√≥is Marahenses (4 days). All the travels were amazing and very well organized. Communication went always very smoothly, 7 days a week they replied and helped me with any questions. Brazil is such a beautiful country but huge and PlanetoEXO helped me to find my way in Brazil also before and after the travels I did with them.

Katharina Bongaertz - NetherlandsBrazil

A fantastic family holiday. Impeccable service and amenities. Wonderful wildlife and knowledgeable guides, that help you appreciate it even more. It was truely fantastic! A holiday to remember!

Katherine Light - SwitzerlandPantanal

Perfect organization of every detail of the trip. The guide was excellent at all times during the trek, from the exceptional preparation of the lunches (banquets) to all the instructions and guidance during the treks. Nothing but praise for everyone who contributed in any way to the most incredible trip of my life.

Henrique Rosek - BrazilChapada Diamantina

Take a look at our customers’ adventure snapshots. Discover the fun and excitement that awaits you with PlanetaEXO.

So, are you ready to live an adventure and make a difference? 

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Partner Profile 2:38

Our youngest partner, Lucas Neves, tells us what it’s like to do his job, guiding visitors from all over the world through Chapada Diamantina

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Despite the rainy forecast, the group of 7 friends from Paraíba took on the greatest adventure of their lives in Vale do Pati.

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Daniel Cady, a content creator focused on well-being, embarks on an exclusive adventure in the largest rainforest on the planet – the Amazon.

Frequently asked questions

How sustainable are PlanetaEXO adventures?

At PlanetaEXO, sustainability is at the core of our vision. By partnering with small, local adventure operators, we channel funds directly into the local economy and ensure that adventures are organised by individuals who have a deep respect for the local ecosystem.

Our partners are carefully selected for their commitment to sustainable practices, whether it’s through waste reduction initiatives, conservation efforts such as native tree planting, or community education on environmental stewardship. Their close relationship with the local community fosters a culture of respect and conservation.

Finally, the smaller scale of our local adventure partnerships often results in a smaller carbon footprint compared to larger operations. With PlanetaEXO, you’re not just exploring, you’re contributing to a framework of sustainable and community-driven tourism.

In which destinations can you experience our adventures?

We currently operate in the stunning destinations of Brazil. However, our vision extends beyond this as we aim to curate and offer adventures all over the world. For now, you can explore what Brazil has to offer by visiting our ‘Find an adventure‘ page. Use the destination filter to narrow down and discover adventures in specific locations within Brazil. Our journey has just begun and we’re excited to reveal more global destinations in the near future.

Who's behind our adventures?

Rather than orchestrating the adventures ourselves, we’ve partnered with small, local tour operators who know how to take you on unforgettable trips to the unspoilt corners of the world. Our mission is to spotlight the best adventures out there, showcasing outstanding local independent adventure providers and making it easy to book with them.

How do we ensure a remarkable experience? Each partner we work with is unique and adds to the adventure, but they all adhere to a set of standards that ensure safety, professionalism and a meaningful commitment to the local economy and community. We work with small, local adventure travel companies run by passionate hosts who have perfected their craft in a particular activity or location.

How we generate revenue and how does this benefit you?

We generate revenue by taking a commission of around 20% of each booking, with the majority of the revenue staying in the local communities. Here’s how this structure benefits you:

Time-saving curated experiences
Our team carefully curates, verifies, and lists a wealth of unique and authentic experiences, saving you the hassle of sifting through endless options. PlanetaEXO gives you instant access to adventures that are truly worth your time.

Customer Support
Got a question or need help? Our support team is available around the clock. Whether you’re exploring adventure options or need to make changes to your booking, we’re here every step of the way to make sure your PlanetaEXO adventure runs smoothly and enjoyably.

Positive impact on the community and the planet
The majority of revenue from each booking stays in local communities, contributing to their economic growth. This structure not only directly supports local tour operators, but also promotes a more sustainable travel industry

What happens if my adventure gets cancelled?

It’s highly unlikely that an adventure will be cancelled. However, in the rare event that your local host has to cancel your trip for any reason, you’ll be notified immediately by email. Once notified, you’ll be given a number of options to choose from:

  • A full refund,
  • An option to reschedule at no extra cost,
  • A voucher valid for 1 year, to be used on any adventure of your choice.

What happens if there are fewer people on a guaranteed trip due to cancellations?

Once a trip has been guaranteed to depart, we stand by that commitment. This guarantee allows all participants to proceed with their travel plans with confidence. In the rare event that cancellations reduce the number of participants below the minimum group size, we remain committed to your adventure. However, we will contact you and all other participants to ensure that you’re still happy to continue with the trip as originally arranged.