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PlanetaEXO is a platform that connects local guides and agencies with adventure lovers, making it easy to book and live experiences in nature.

In times of information overload and which burnout is part of modern life, our mission is to enrich people's lives and to support local communities, while interacting with nature, experiencing culture and challenging themselves.

Handpicked Experiences

All experiences are provided by local guides and curated according to our values.

A community built on transparency

The reviews are made by travellers like you, helping curate the best experiences.

Respecting Community and Wildlife

Be a respectful traveller, honour your host, wildlife and its environment.

Nature deserves to be respected

Reduce your environmental impact, leave no trace and take only good memories.

Supporting Local Economies

Keep local culture alive and give opportunities to the communities.

We are here for you!

Whether you’re travelling or hosting, our team will give the support you need!

Our vision

To transform the lives of every human by increasing awareness of our connection with our planet through sustainable travel.

Our mission

To provide life-changing experiences while encouraging sustainable travel, supporting local communities and protecting the environment.

Latest Experiences

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Includes: English-speaking guide, accommodation, meals, snacks, entrance fee, travel insurance, transfers.


Includes: Experiecined Local Guide, Meals, Transfers, and accommodation in the local community.