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Discover how many kilometers is the Vale do Pati trek and learn about all the options that are possible to do on this trail in Chapada Diamantina National Park.

There are many possible itineraries to get to know the Vale do Pati trek, and your mileage will depend on how many days you have available, which city you will start the trek from, which support houses you will spend the night in, and which attractions you will visit there. The variations are numerous and the itinerary can be customized to suit both beginners and experienced hikers.

How many kilometers is the Vale do Pati trek?

To calculate an average, it is possible to say that each day you walk around 15 km, with days that can reach 22 km per day and others with only 8 km. A 3-day trail to Vale do Pati usually has an average of 35km; the 4-day itinerary is around 48 km; and the 5 days are, on average, 55 km of walking. This is just a base, but it can vary a lot.

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Start to Vale do Pati trek in Guiné

For those who have a few days, the departure from the city of Guiné is the one that offers a short walk to the Vale do Pati, with a distance of 10 km through the generals of Rio Preto to the first support house. As for Vale do Capão or Andaraí, the distance is longer, it is 22 km to get to Vale do Pati. Each trail has its beauties and there is no best one, only the one that is most favorable to your travel conditions. Get more information about how to get to Vale do Pati. 

It’s important to note that simply arriving at Vale do Pati isn’t enough to determine the length of the trek. You’ll need to walk a few kilometers to explore the attractions, and the distance will depend on your overnight stay arrangements and desired destinations. By strategically planning your route, you can avoid unnecessary fatigue and optimize your time for maximum enjoyment.

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