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Before packing your backpack, check out what to visit in Vale do Pati trek, considered one of the most beautiful crossings in Brazil.

The highlights that you will be able to visit are related to the number of days you have available to Vale do Pati. The more days, the more options, of course, but don’t dispense with a good organization to avoid unnecessary extra walking. Overnights at the natives’ house must be booked in advance, so you can plan your itinerary according to the attractions you want to visit each day. Discover how many kilometers is the Vale do Pati trek and how to get there with helpful information and tips.

We advise you to do, at least, the 3-day trail in Vale do Pati trek, however, the most popular route lasts 4 days, although the ideal would be 5 days, so you have more time to chill in the waterfalls.

What to visit in Vale do Pati?

Mirante do Pati

The first lookout point in Vale do Pati is truly stunning. From there, you can see the towering peaks of Morro do Castelo, Morro Branco, and Morro do Sobradinho rising up on the horizon. A good place to stop for a picnic break, enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty of the valley while refueling with snacks and water.

Cachoeira do Calixto

Surrounded by a lush Atlantic Forest, Calixto Waterfall is formed by several cascades that lead to a natural swimming pool. One of the highlights of this trail is the opportunity to walk through a regenerating forest with large trees, home to various species of ferns that can grow up to 12 meters tall, similar to those that existed during the time of the dinosaurs, providing a unique glimpse into the history of the Earth.

Morro do Castelo

what to visit in vale do patiThe ascent involves a climb of 1300 meters, one of the most challenging hikes in Vale do Pati. However, once you reach the top, you will enter a huge cave that is 800 meters long. The cave is a rare natural wonder that has been formed at the heights of the mountain, and after crossing with lanterns, you will be rewarded with two spectacular viewpoints that offer 1,500 meters above the ground breathtaking view.

Cachoeirão Viewpoint

cachoeirão por cima vale do patiA must-see spot in Vale do Pati, offering stunning views of the Cachoeirão waterfall and the valley below. A 300-meter-high cliff that boasts numerous waterfalls during the rainy season. Additionally, there is a well nearby for those who want to take a refreshing dip after the hike.

Cachoeirão (from the bottom)

cachoeirão por baixo vale do patiThe trail itself is a challenge, as it requires a lot of effort, and you can see some monkeys on the way. The reward is simply breathtaking: upon arrival, you will see three perennial falls plunging from a 300-meter abyss, forming beautiful lagoons that invite you for a refreshing swim that will make you feel small in the midst of such grandeur.

Cachoeira dos Funis

cachoeira dos funisA great option for those who want to have a more relaxed day or simply want to enjoy a refreshing bath. It is a relatively easy trail, with a distance of about 6km round trip, and it takes approximately 1h30min to complete. The water forms a deep pool that invites visitors to take a dip and refresh themselves.

Cachoeira do Lajedo e das Bananeiras

cachoeiras vale do patiAs well as Cachoeira dos Funis, Cachoeira do Lajedo and Cachoeira das Bananeiras are some of the waterfalls that form along the 6 km course of the Pati River. It is possible to know all of them in a single day of trail along the riverbed and enjoy relaxing baths and also good challenges going up the slopes of the waterfalls. They are great places to stop for a while, do a yoga practice, have a picnic and sunbathe.

Poço da Árvore

poço da árvore vale do patiA great spot for visitors to cool off, relax in the water, and have a picnic. The pool is surrounded by lush vegetation, including some impressive trees that provide shade and create a serene atmosphere. Continuing down the riverbed will take you to the meeting point of the Pati River and the Calixto River, where you can enjoy another beautiful view of Castle Hill. 

Gerais do Vieira

gerais do vieira vale do patiThis plateau is the scenario seen only by those who choose access to Vale do Capão to start or finish the trail. Here it is possible to enjoy a panoramic and breathtaking view of the fields and mountains of Chapada Diamantina and perceive the vastness and silence of nature, broken only by the wind. As it is a long stretch of 22 km, it is recommended for those who have more days available and want to take a different route from the one they came.

Gerais do Rio Preto

gerais do rio preto vale do patiThis is the view of those who come from the city of Guiné to the Vale do Pati and will cross the Gerais do Rio Preto for 12 km. The golden grasses of both Gerais form the open vegetation, and the two rivers that cross the path are a good option for those who already want to start cooling off in the waters of Chapada. In this stretch, as you walk, the hills of Vale do Pati are revealed, until you reach the edge, at Mirante do Pati, from where you can see the real dimension of the valley.

And you, which of the attractions is your favorite from this what to visit in Vale do Pati list? Connect with a professional guide on PlanetaEXO and go safe and well accompanied, supporting the local community and making traveling more sustainable one adventure at a time! 🙂

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