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Includes: Experienced Survival Instructor, Activities, All gears; All meals; Transfers, Boat Support.


Includes: Accommodation, All Meals, Drinks, Entrance Fees, Transfers, English-speaking Guide,


Includes: English speaking guide, food and water, canoeing and camping gear, tourism insurance, support boat, transfers


Includes: Accommodation, Transfer, All Meals, Entrance Fees, English-speaking Guide.


Includes: Accommodation, All Meals, Activities, Transfer, English-speaking Guide.

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    Customer Reviews

    4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 96 reviews)

    Amazing experience!

    December 15, 2022

    Amazing experience! The staff are very attentive, the services are sensational and the place needs no comments!

    Mateus Carneiro (Brazil)

    Unique experience!!!

    December 10, 2022

    Unique experience!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I recommend all the proposed tours, but the unmissable ones are the adventures in the jungle: getting to know Velho Airão and staying overnight in the jungle.

    Ieda Roschel (Brazil)

    Design for sustainability lovers!

    December 5, 2022

    Incredible days in the Amazon, as our Brazil is wonderful!

    We stayed at this lodge, located on the banks of the Rio Negro in Novo Airão, 200km from Manaus. The place is inspired by this rich diversity with a sustainable project that aligns comfort, leisure and exploration of the surrounding nature. Designed by Spanish architect Patricia O’Reilly, the lodge follows an original design that combines art, nature and contemporary details.

    Award-winning architecture and design for sustainability lovers. Attractive to the eyes, comfortable to the body, allied with the environment and the community in which it operates.

    Aiming to make the best use of local labor, specialized in shipbuilding, as well as native tools, materials and technologies, the design of the work assumed the outline of a boat, however, inverted. Over 2 years, the work employed 60 people from the city. All of them were trained and supervised by the local master for structuring in wood, using his expertise in boat-making technology.

    Thanks for all the hospitality!

    Lu Prado (Brazil)

    Authentic cruise through Anavilhanas

    December 2, 2022

    Definitely Jacaré-Açu was the great protagonist of a transformative journey. This expedition offers an authentic cruise through Anavilhanas, the second-largest river archipelago in the world.

    A premium vessel consisting of 3 floors, with a capacity for up to 16 people, 4 air-conditioned suite cabins with a double bed, and 4 with a bunk bed. Amenities by Natura Ekos, hammock, and duvet. Not to mention, of course, an incredible, kind, and courteous staff that made the difference so that everything was more than perfect during the 4 nights we spent on board.

    Both the tap water and the shower water is river water, which is why it is a little dark, after all, we are on the Negro river. And, despite the natural temperature of the water, it is not difficult to take a bath because the heat in the region is intense. And taking a refreshing shower on the deck certainly makes the experience even better!

    You can’t forget every scene, every sensation, every beach that appears now in this dry season, and best of all: no mosquitoes!! Exactly believe if you want that because of the acidic pH of the water they are not there!

    And the sky? My God, scroll through the photos and you will be able to see a photo taken with my cell phone, in the dark of night, where the Milky Way appears, we even saw a shooting star, I swear, unforgettable.

    Kellen Masuchette (Brazil)


    November 27, 2022

    A jewel in the middle of the forest!

    Lari (Brazil)

    Once-in-a-lifetime experience

    November 25, 2022

    I think the only word that can truly describe Anavilhanas is magic. Thank you for this one-in-a-lifetime experience that my family and I will treasure all our life . Here you feel humble, wondered , thankful and part of something greater. Here you take great pleasure in the little things: the silence, the landscape, the stories and most of all that smile in your children’s faces that makes it all worthwhile. We will definitely come back ♥️

    Adriana Ramirez (Spain)

    The whole team was a 10!

    November 21, 2022

    The boat is very well structured and equipped, I just felt a little difficulty getting up and down to the upper bed as it didn’t have support and high steps. The bathroom and shower are perfect and the cleanliness of the room and garbage collection is impeccable. The idea of ​​leaving the beach and boat towels in different colors was very good.

    All of the team, without exception, were fantastic, and attentive, helping us to get on and off the boats and being attentive to the use of vests during the tours. The regional menu was wonderful, with everything in the right measure, and a perfect combination of flavors. The chefs are a 10, and the boat was always clean, even after the walk the team asked us to leave our sneakers and they cleaned them. Our captain was calm and assured of our way to go. The guide was fantastic with his stories and experiences, it was an intense exchange of culture and knowledge and the whole group learned a lot. He was always attentive to the smallest details and explained the schedule after the meal so we didn’t miss any details. I felt total security on the tours we took because of this team with us.

    I found the information on the importance of wearing life jackets before the expedition to start to be very important, along with all other information and the nominal presentation of each team member and their duties to be carried out. I loved the fact that there was no internet and tv on the bedroom. Once again I repeat that the whole team was a 10.

    At Mirante do Gavião the location was wonderful, the staff attentive and attentive to everything. The room was comfortable and I loved that it didn’t have a tv. Everything perfect! The guide made our city tour and it was perfect, as well as the expedition. Getting to know the support programs for sustainable activities in the region and knowing that in some way we are participating enhances the purpose of the trip even more. I loved the restaurant with the rich menu. The breakfast was delicious and impeccable in the regional proposal, congratulations to the whole team from the kitchen to the person who served us. As for the boat trips I took 2 of them, I was worried that the use of a life jacket was left to the discretion of each tourist, in my group only me and 2 other people used it.

    I suggest that at the time of booking we are asked for the weight, so that a certain number of vests according to weight could already be separated, and that together with the vest offered, guidance and education on the importance of its use be made. There were times when the boat swayed a lot due to the wind and others when we crossed from one shore to the other. I know everyone is experienced, but accidents and incidents can happen and prevention is everything. It should not be left to the tourist’s discretion.

    The walk through the forest to Madada was fantastic, I learned a lot from the guide who pointed out various elements of nature to be used for survival and care in the forest. The caves themselves are a spectacle in themselves. We returned from this trip and immersion with the desire to return to the region and certainly see you soon, for new travel proposals for 2023.

    Maria Cristina (Brazil)

    Adorable and perfect

    November 10, 2022

    Wonderful location, with a beautiful view of the river, attentive staff, and attentive to every detail. The restaurant offers typical regional dishes super well prepared in addition to a varied menu for other tastes. Large and comfortable rooms. It offers several options for exploring the region. Perfect in everything.

    Maria Cristina (Brazil)

    There is no place like the Amazon

    November 5, 2022

    We present Novo Airão to Nino while he is still in my belly, teaching him from an early age that the world is beautiful, but there is no place like our Amazon Forest. 🌳

    Alessandra Oliveira (Brazil)

    A refuge!

    November 1, 2022

    It was our refuge for a week.🌳🌳.

    Humberto Zamperlini (Brazil)

    Totally immersed in nature

    November 1, 2022

    A colleague and I decided to do the Urubur River Expedition. It was a private tour and most of the time we weren’t seeing any other humans at all on the river! Since we wanted to also see the beautiful waterfalls of Presidente Figueiredo, the guide arranged to add an additional day for seeing some of the best waterfalls and at night we were sleeping next to a very beautiful waterfall!

    During the trip, we saw some snakes, a family of giant otters (that was really amazing!), caimans, monkeys, and birds. You cant expect it to be a zoo though. The Amazon is not the best place to spot animals, it’s more about being totally immersed in nature. Especially sleeping in the forest every night was a very nice thrill and experience. Also seeing one of the most beautiful star skies, the forest full of fireflies, and doing kayak alone on the river in the early morning hours are very special experiences. It’s very hot all the time but the river is nice to get a fresh bath anytime you need.

    The guides are very nice people and really great cooks that were able to provide awesome food every day in the limited environment. Everything was well organized and its a very authentic and environmentally-respectful trip. I really loved it! But it’s also not for everybody. You should not expect it to be like a zoo and you should be able to enjoy just being on the river and seeing the forest for hours (could be monotonic for some people). Also kayaking for 200 KM can be exhausting, although there is always the option that the guide helps you with some parts.

    Lars K. (England)

    The most luxurious jungle hotel in Brazil.

    October 27, 2022

    The most luxurious jungle hotel in Brazil. The project, developed by Atelier O’Reilly Architecture & Partners Sustainable Strategies, has authors Patricia O’Reilly and Armando Prieto as architects, in addition to co-author Jean Dallazem. The design excelled in its integration with the landscape in order to seek thermal comfort, air renewal with cross ventilation, natural lighting and accessibility.

    Leonardo Monteiro (Brazil)