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From BRL 1,633.00 per person

Vale do Pati Trek Chapada Diamantina 4 days

From BRL 1,633.00 per person
Level: Moderate
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About the adventure

Considered by many to be the most beautiful trek in Brazil, the Vale do Pati is a protected area in the Chapada de Diamantina National Park. At the Vale do Pati trek for 4 days, you will enjoy beautiful mountains, caves, plains, and waterfalls. A valley with preserved fauna and flora is ideal for those who like a good adventure with comfort and exuberant and breathtaking nature.


Vale do Pati is also home to a few families that offer their homes as a support point for guides and visitors, who enjoy their warmth and hospitality and their homemade food prepared on a wood stove. A simple accommodation, with comfortable bathrooms and beds, perfect after a long day of hiking.


At this Chapada Diamantina trek, there are different levels of difficulty, and can be done by all ages and personalized according to your group preferences. Besides this 4-day itinerary, Vale do Pati can also be done in 3 days, 5 days, or even longer.


Come live this unique adventure at Vale do Pati for 4 days.



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The itinerary can change due to climate conditions or any factor that the host judges dangerous to the integrity of the group

Day 1 - Gerais do Rio Preto + Cachoeirão Lookout 
Duration: 8hrs | Distance: 16km
Welcome to Chapada Diamantina! Today we will start the journey of one of the most impressive treks in Brazil, the Vale do Pati trek for 4 days. A transfer will take us to the village of Guiné, the starting point for this adventure. We will do a briefing of the trip, giving instructions, demonstrating practices with minimal impact, and checking trail equipment.


Trekking Vale do Pati 4 days Chapada Diamantina

Isael Anjos


We will begin the Vale do Pati trek with a steep climb of about 1 hour and a beautiful view of the mountains. After a walk between plains, streams, and mountains, we will reach the Cachoeirão Waterfall lookout, with a spectacular view of almost 260 meters with another beautiful view of the valley above. In times of rain, its walls impress with the formation of more than 20 waterfalls, making this place even more magical.


Vale do Pati Trek Chapada Diamantina, Brazil crossing-vale-do-patiTrekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina


Contemplating the sunset, we will continue hiking until we reach Igrejinha, our first accommodation where we will enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by this Pati host family and have a deserved rest. The place is located next to a small and symbolic church of the Valley, considered one of the attractions of Pati, and has already held masses, baptisms, religious parties, and weddings for the community.


Igrejinha Trekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina



Day 2 - Morro do Castelo and Funis Waterfall
Duration: 7hrs | Distance: 6km

What a wonderful feeling is to wake up at Vale do Pati! After a well-deserved night of rest, we will have breakfast and prepare for the challenge of the day: climb Morro do Castelo. Along a steep 2-hour trail, we will cross a beautiful forest until we reach a majestic cave. We will cross the cave with a flashlight until we reach the top of the castle overlooking the entire Pati Valley. After some time contemplating all the beauty and grandeur of the place, we descend back to the valley.


Vale do Pati Trek Chapada Diamantina, Brazil



Vale do Pati Trek Chapada Diamantina, Brazil


We will continue our walk down a rocky and steep mountain followed by a beautiful trail through the forest until we reach the Cachoeira dos Funis, over 30 meters high, and a natural pool perfect for cooling off and recharging.


Funis Waterfall Trekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina



Contemplating the sunset, we will continue the walk until we reach the house where we will be staying, and we will enjoy a delicious homemade dinner prepared by Mr. Wilson's host family, followed by a well-deserved rest. Mr. Wilson was one of the first two to receive tourists in 1997, becoming a reference in Vale do Pati for hospitality and delicious dinners. Today commanded by the sons Nara and Wilton.


Vale do Pati Trek Chapada Diamantina 4 days


Day 3 - Calixto Waterfall or Poço da Árvore

Enjoy the last moments in this enchanted valley! Another day of adventure awaits us in this beautiful valley. After breakfast, we will have two options depending on the mood of the group.


Calixto Waterfall
Duration: 6hrs | Distance: 12km
If the group chooses Calixto, we will go through the Calixto Forest trail, one of the few places in Chapada where remnants of the Atlantic Forest can be seen. Lots of adventure in the ascents and descents surrounded by huge trees and rocks full of life. In the forest, you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful Cachoeira do Calixto, with 40 meters.



Isael Anjos




Poço da Árvore
Duration: 5hrs | Distance: 8km
For those who want a more relaxing day, an alternative is Poço da Árvore where we can cool off in its pool and waterfalls surrounded by greenery and canyons.


Vale do Pati Trek Chapada Diamantina 4 days

Tree Pool Trekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina




Day 4 - Pati Lookout and Gerais do Rio Preto
Duration: 7hrs | Distance: 7km
Enjoy the last moments in this enchanted valley! After a hearty breakfast, we will say goodbye to Vale do Pati and climb a 1 hour steep to reach again the Vale do Pati lookout, one last chance to get the perfect postcard picture or just contemplate its panoramic landscape.



We will walk for approximately 5h through the plains of Gerais do Rio Preto, a flat path with a beautiful view of the mountains of the region. After a stop for a picnic and a bath, we will follow our trail until we reach Guiné village under a beautiful sunset, ending this great adventure.


Trekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina



Join us on this lifetime experience in trekking Vale do Pati.

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Level: Moderate

Total Distance of from 36 to  41 km in 4 days. This trekking is recommended for those who are in good physical condition to face some challenges: steep climbs and descents, taking off shoes to cross rivers, climbing over some rocks and walking long distances.


Price for trekking Vale do Pati 4 days

Starts from R$ 1.633,00 per person, depending on the number of people in your group, car transfer logistics, and guides availability.


What is included?

  • Experienced English-speaking guide for 4 days
  • 3 nights with a family with breakfast and dinner.
  • Transfer to the start of the trek from Palmeiras, Vale do Capão or Lençóis
  • 4 picnic lunches during the trek.
  • Travel Insurance

What is NOT included?

  • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day
  • Drinks or anything else sold during the activity

What to bring to the trekking Vale do Pati?

  • Backpack of around 40L
  • Trekking boots or appropriate shoes
  • 1.5l water bottle or Camelbak
  • Sweatshirt and pants for the night, as it can get cold at night in the Pati Valley
  • Bermuda / shorts
  • T-shirts 1 UV-protected t-shirt (optional)
  • 1 pair of sandals/slippers
  • At least 3 pairs of socks
  • Swimwear
  • Headlamp
  • Hat / Cap for protection Sun

Join us at Vale do Pati

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    Customer Reviews

    4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 80 reviews)

    So sad that it's over

    June 18, 2023

    Our trip to the Pati Valley was one of the most spectacular treks of my life. I can barely describe it because it was so magical — with challenging days that made me feel good about myself, amazing sights, with wonderful company, including the privilege of having a teacher join us and give us meditation guidance and yoga in the most perfect spots and in ways that gave the trip an extra layer of meaning. Most of all, our wonderful guide, made the whole thing special for us, providing a perfectly orchestrated tour, beautifully timed and structured to get the most out of the beauty of the valley. The lunches he made for us were very carefully considered, given our gluten intolerance, and they were absolutely delicious. We felt privileged to be in the company of our guide and would not only recommend them highly but we really didn’t want to leave. Thank you, for this special time.

    Tessa McWatt (United Kingdom)

    Only praise for this wonderful team

    April 26, 2023

    Everything was perfect. PlanetaEXO had everything ready for us to have a wonderful immersion in the Pati Valley. They introduced us to this amazing person who is the guide. Energetic, always willing to help, attentive. He certainly made a difference in our trek.

    Djoni Antônio da Silva (Brazil)

    Brilliant guide

    April 25, 2023

    The guide was impeccable throughout the entire time he guided us. Being a native, he knew how to share various information about the place with us. He was always very fun and responsible. I believe we couldn’t have had a better guide.

    Adriana (Brazil)

    A super good guide and on top an absolute gem of a person

    March 12, 2023

    Thanks for putting together a great individual tour for us with a fantastic guide. He is a super good guide and on top an absolute gem of a person! We had a fantastic time with his guidance. He really loves nature and his job and it shows!

    Ole Schneikart (France)

    It was a highlight of our Brazilian travels

    March 9, 2023

    What an amazing experience in the Chapada Diamantina! Our 4-day trek was a highlight of our Brazilian travels: the landscapes, the remoteness, the food, the cool paths, the nature. Lucas designed an itinerary based on our requirements and our guide did an amazing job showing us around and telling us about nature/flowers/animals. Everything was smooth and well organized. We wish we could have stayed longer!

    Aurelie Poilleux (France)

    The experience was 10/10 from beginning to end

    March 7, 2023

    Me and my girlfriend did the 4-day hike through Vale do Pati with PlanetaEXO and the most amazing guide. An absolutely amazing experience and easily one of our favorite hikes in the world, and one that we would recommend to everyone coming to Brazil. Don’t go to Chapada Diamantina without trekking through Vale do Pati with our guide. He is super friendly and knowledgeable about the park – and extremely patient while we took a million photos at the amazing viewpoints and waterfalls. He even adjusted the tour to our physical condition and needs. Sometimes we would stay hours at the same viewpoint exploring and climbing around, while many other groups would leave after just 15 minutes. He timed everything so we would be all alone at most viewpoints, which was amazing. And did we mention the incredible picnic lunch he made every day? The homestays were simple and lovely, with amazing home-cooked buffet food every evening and morning. We miss passion fruit juice already. As for PlanetaEXO, the experience was 10/10 from beginning to end through swift communication on WhatsApp. We were provided with all the relevant information exactly when we needed it, and questions were answered within minutes. Thank you!

    Rasmus Soeby (Denmark)

    First-class service

    January 27, 2023

    Both my wife and I had a fabulous time trekking in the vale de Pati… we thought that Planeta EXO were professional and everything worked like clockwork. The accommodation and food were superb, our guide was knowledgeable and considerate and nothing was too much trouble. In addition, the service provided Pre and post the trek was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Planeta Exo to anybody who is looking for a company that not only gives back but also provides a first-class service.

    Nick Hudson (England)

    The guide gave us a lot of confidence!

    November 4, 2022

    We loved the Pati Valley. The guide gave us a lot of confidence! Everything was super smooth and we will be back for sure!

    Eduardo Barosso (Brazil)

    Impeccable organization and itinerary

    October 24, 2022

    It was all perfect. Impeccable organization and itinerary. Our guide was sensational. Helpful, a very good person, funny, in addition to getting to know Pati and his stories like no one else! We highly recommend it!! Congratulations to everyone involved in this experience!

    Elisabeth e Bruno (Brazil)

    PlanetEXO lives the mission

    October 24, 2022

    The experience of doing this trekking with PlanetaEXO was great because I was able to confirm, through the trail, and listening to people, that in fact, PlanetEXO lives the mission that was put in the proposal, and this reiterated our good choice 💜

    In addition to the mission, he had a very careful look when assembling the trekking group, which also resulted in such a rich experience! More than beautiful peeps from the trekking 💜

    About the guide, I felt very privileged to have had this one with us on this trekking 💜

    The care for people, and the environment, with the inclusion of everyone there within the experience, made everything very valuable, I really appreciate it! On some occasions I got scared, and the guide with his eyes already identified and gave me the strength I needed to keep going up.

    Your connection with nature and with the people who were together made this experience very special indeed, and I just have to thank you again! 💜

    Nice (Brazil)

    A serious company committed to the sustainable development of the local community

    October 22, 2022

    We are very happy to be doing Pati as PlanetaEXO, a serious company committed to the sustainable development of the local community. Either he guides us, he knows Chapada Diamantina as the palm of his hand, or he allows a very safe trail that is well planned in terms of physical effort and, apart from that, gives us a richer experience with all the information on fauna, flora, and all the history of the region.

    Bruno Tosta Abrahão (Brazil)

    A very exciting experience.

    October 19, 2022

    Our guide was very committed to his work and to the place. It was a pleasure exchanging knowledge and experiences with both him and the couple who shared the trip.

    Martin Turell

    The lunches and dinner were great as well!

    October 9, 2022

    We had a great time, it is an amazing experience! The combination between hiking and relaxing at the waterfalls is nice. The lunches and dinner were great as well, we did not expect that is could be so good! Our guide informed us every time how long the hike would take, how much water we needed etc. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

    Larissa Cordewener (Netherlands)

    5 stars experience!

    September 1, 2022

    Amazing adventure in a beautiful place. 4 days trekking with the best guide ever: 4 language speaker, really nice and with a great preparation. Thanks to his passion, background of study and long experience he let us discover all the secrets of that amazing valley. 5 stars experience!

    Federico Verri (Italy)

    Its so worth it!!!

    August 31, 2022

    The guide was incredible!! He knew a lot of the area and was also verry enthusiastic about it. He gave us space for our selfs (he was walking and singing) and he told a lot. His knowledge is nice to have with you during the trip. It gives more understanding were you are. I think people should know more about this area. Its so beautiful!! PlanetaEXO helps great with all the questions we had before the trip but also after the trip they were always willing to help. The trip was sometimes hard but really doable. Also there was enough time for rest and enjoying the view. The accommodation and food were very good. The best we have had in weeks. The breakfast lunch and dinner. Also for vegetarian. Its a quiet place to sleep but clean. In the middle of nothing a great room in bathroom. All in all its so worth it!!!

    Roelof van Houten (Netherlands)

    The guide made the tour unforgetable.

    August 26, 2022

    We had the best guide. He did everything for making the tour unforgetable. He also gives you a lot of information during the trek. He even helped us after the trek for finding a hostel in Lencóis during the night. It was amazing!

    Tara Steenackers (Belgium)

    The guide was excellent.

    August 16, 2022

    The guide was excellent, very attentive and courteous. He showed to know very well the place, the flora and fauna.

    Rogério Magalhães (Brazil)

    Our host was the best guide I've had in years.

    August 14, 2022

    Very good experience with PlanetaEXO. Our host was the best guide I’ve had in years. Attentive, careful and made me seem like I’ve known him for a long time. From 0 to 10, I give 11.

    José Rubens Lovizaro (Brazil)

    The guide was a show apart.

    August 10, 2022

    I really enjoyed the experience of Vale do Pati. Booking the tour with PlanetaEXO was unbureaucratic and efficient. The guide was a show apart, demonstrating that he knows the region extremely well and is intelligent in interacting with the group.

    Fernanda Pereira (Brazil)

    Great lunches at superb viewpoints.

    August 6, 2022

    The trek was very nice, we had amazing views over the Valley and great lunches at superb viewpoints.The guide was funny, positive, optimistic, motivating and very nice to talk to.

    Romana (Switzerland)

    From BRL 1,633.00 per person
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