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From BRL 4,528.00 per person

Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing

From BRL 4,528.00 per person
Multiple Days
Accomodation Included
Meals Included
Group Size 2-10
About the adventure

Have you ever heard of Jalapão Brazil State Park? Disconnect yourself from the virtual world and connect yourself with nature, in a magnificent experience in the heart of Brazil. Located in Tocantins, Jalapão has the largest untouched portion of the Brazilian savannah, with beautiful deserted beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, and turquoise waters. Such beauty in the midst of an exuberant fauna and rarely seen in other places such as jaguars, wolves, deer, armadillos, macaws, and tapirs.


jalapão brazil state park


In this adventure, you will visit Jalapão and the Serra Geral do Tocantins, enjoying its main attractions, its valuable culture, and exuberant nature such as Formiga Waterfall, Encantado Canyon Waterfall, and Fervedouros, boiling pools with very clear water and fine sand, a unique attraction of Jalapão.



We will meet the hospitable Jalapenses, taste their delicious homemade food, and watch how the artifacts made of "Capim Dourado" (Golden grass), a trademark of Jalapão, are produced. An enriching experience that contributes to the sustainable development of the local community. Join us on this adventure to Jalapão Brazil State Park!


jalapão brazil state park


Day by day


Day 1 - Palmas / Progresso Farm / Rafting / Praia do Buriti Pelado

Welcome to Jalapão! We will start our adventure by leaving Palmas at 7 am by car in a 5 hours travel, which will be 360 km of road, 150 km of asphalt, and 110 km of land. Then we will have the rafting instructions to start the first Jalapoeira crossing, through the waters, a 25 km descent, passing by rapids class IV to the beach of Buriti Pelado.


Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing

Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing



The Buriti Pelado beach is a wilderness location, excellent for stargazing and a bonfire to share the day's experiences and where we will make our wild camping and dinner. On this day, we recommend that you leave the hotel with your rafting clothes and shoes that can get wet. Footwear must be attached to the foot, flip-flops or similar will not be accepted, we recommend water shoes.


jalapão brazil state park

Jalapao beach


Day 2 - Travessia da Velha / Prainha do Rio Novo / Jalapão Ecolodge

On this day we will travel a section of a 5 km stretch that shows the beauty of a river with its beaches, crystalline waters, and a preserved forest. Let's do the most exciting part of the rafting, with class IV rapids, and finish on the Prainha do Rio Novo, where we will relax by the end of the rafting.


jalapão brazil state park

rafting jalapao

jalapão brazil state park


After a reinforced snack and after a brief rest, we will walk the first crossing on foot, the Travessia da Velha, a walk of approximately 13km (with an estimated time of 3 hours of active walking), passing through clean fields and paths, until we arrive at Jalapão Ecolodge, where we will camp on the banks of the river Soninho.


Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing

Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing



Day 3 - Cathedral Hill / Fervedouro Bela Vista / Soninho River / Fervedouro do Refúgio

Our activities start early in the morning today, at 4 am. On the third day, we will enjoy the sunrise at the Cathedral Crossing, we will make a small drive to the starting point of the walk, to climb Cathedral Hill, which has approximately 4.5 km. The name is due to the appearance of a cathedral format with impressive visuals. After the descent, we will continue our trip by car to São Félix, to go to Fervedouro Bela Vista.


Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing

Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing


The Fervedouro Bela Vista is the largest among all the ones open for visitation and has transparent and incredibly blue water. It is impossible not to be surprised by the color of the water and the beauty of nature that surrounds the space. After a rest, we will start the crossing to Boa Esperança Community, a walk of about 9 km to reach Mr. Adão Ribeiro's house, where we will have a typical Jalapoeiro lunch, filled with stories from the region. Afterward, we will check in at Glamping Refúgio Coração do Jalapão, where will have a free afternoon, to enjoy its many activities or just relax before dinner.





During our staying in the inn, we can go to one more beautiful Fervedouro, the Fervedouro do Refúgio, which is part of the Glamping Refugio Coração do Jalapão and is exclusive to those who chose to stay with them.





Day 4 - Fervedouro Encontro das Águas / Fervedouro Buritizinho / Formiga Waterfall

After breakfast we will start our 12km hiking to Fervedouro Encontro das Águas, an amazing hike in the middle of the Cerrado full of incredible views and borders the river during its route. The source of this Fervedouro has high pressure and it is very difficult to sink even with someone else pushing you down. With a unique spring, this Fervedouro is ideal for those who want to feel intensely the fluctuation so famous in this rare phenomenon of nature.


jalapão brazil state park

buritizinho fervedouro jalapão



Then, we will continue our hike for more than 4 km to reach the Fervedouro Buritizinho, with extremely transparent and intense blue water, which stands out as one of the most beautiful in Jalapão. After a short rest and reinforced snack, we will follow Formiga Waterfall, a trail of approximately 8 km, considered one of the most beautiful in Jalapão, with its emerald green waters that provide a relaxing and refreshing bath for the body. One of the most desired and beautiful for bathing, diving, and floating. At the end of the day, a transfer will be waiting for us to take us by car to Mateiros, where we will have dinner and overnight in Glamping Refugio Coração do Jalapão.



Day 5 - Espirito Santo Mountain Range / Dunes / Quilombo Curicaca

We'll start the day early, at 4 am, with the ascent to the Espírito Santo mountain range viewpoint and enjoy a spectacular sunrise. We will climb 200 m and walk another 600 m so that we can watch the sunrise and later continue for another 3 km to reach the top of the mountain, where we can contemplate the natural beauty of the erosion in the space.


Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing

Jalapão Brazil State Park Crossing


Then, we will make a cautious technical descent of 7 km down the mountain range of Espírito Santo until we reach the famous golden dunes of Jalapão, a beautiful scenery with golden orange sands, surrounded by mountains and springs to enjoy this authentic landscape of the jalapoeira region.



Soon after the visit to the Dunes, we will go by car to Rio Novo Community, a traditional Quilombola Community in Jalapão Brazil State Park, and have lunch at Mr. Adélio's Curicaca restaurant. After the rest, we will continue to Ponte Alta by car for dinner and overnight.



Day 6 - Enchanted Canyon / Arch of the Sun / Return to Palmas

We will leave towards the Enchanted Canyon, but not without first getting to know another postcard of the region, the Pierced Stone, a huge sandstone sculpted by wind and rain. Then we will go to Encantado Canyon, a 2.5 km trail, a place of rare and unique beauty, at some times of the year there are more than five waterfalls that can be seen from the same place, and we will take a walk inside the Canyon for about 1.5km.


jalapão brazil state park


After we have lunch we will go by car to Pedra Furada, the last attraction of our experience, one of the most beautiful sunsets in Jalapão.  Then we will come back to Ponte Alta, scheduled to arrive at 6 pm.


Sunset pedra furada


Join us on this adventure to Jalapão Brazil State Park.


What is included

  • Transportation in Jalapão in a 4x4 vehicle departing from Palmas and also as a support during the whole expedition;
  • Accommodation in single, double, or triple rooms (does not include accommodation in Palmas);
  • Meals – full board with an appreciation of regional cuisine (breakfast, lunch,
    dinner and lunch on the trail. Except for drinks);
  • Mineral water during the journey;
  • Entrance to attractions;
  • English-speaker guide;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Visit and interaction with traditional communities;
  • Snack on the trail (cereal bars, cookies, dried meat paçoca and/or fruits and nuts).


What is not included

  • Does not include accommodation and food in Palmas;
  • Does not include optional tours;
  • Any other items not mentioned under inclusions.


Requirements & Additional Information

  • The schedule may suffer unforeseen changes due to weather conditions or any factor that the guide deems to compromise the physical integrity of the group. always follow the guide's guidelines;
  • Inform the guide in case of dependence on medicines or health conditions;
  • Prices are subject to change at any moment. You must send an inquiry to receive an official offer. Confirmed reservations are not subject to price changes.



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    Customer Reviews

    4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 29 reviews)

    The program is unique

    January 20, 2023

    The experience was simply wonderful! From the beginning of the contact, they gave us the maximum attention, we had 2 calls to clarify doubts, details of the itinerary, and much more. The way they organize the script is unique. I had exclusive experiences, wonderful climbs, and views, I wasn’t in a hurry, and I spent an hour enjoying each boiler, it was all wonderful. The interaction with the local people is another unique point of the visit! We learned a lot from them. The food and the lodges are incredible. And of course, the guide was just sensational! I recommend 1000%

    Milena (Brazil)

    Punctuality, kindness, cordiality, everything perfect

    January 13, 2023

    I loved traveling with the company, punctuality, kindness, cordiality, everything perfect. At the last minute, I needed to take my 82-year-old mother and a specific schedule was made for her in a car so that I could take all the trips in another car with my husband. The team was very creative and my mother came back happy. My husband and I did the tours with a guide that we love. I strongly recommend

    Patricia (Brazil)

    Professional company

    January 3, 2023

    A professional company committed to responsible tourism. Great experience and highly recommendable. A highlight for the guides who are great.

    Paulo (Brazil)

    Culturally enriching

    December 24, 2022

    The experience in Jalapão was sensational and culturally enriching! We were able to have experiences close to Jalapão reality with the help of our guide, who took us to a cultural immersion and native cuisine. Our guide not only shared his knowledge about this wonderful place but also adapted our itinerary according to the weather and our needs!

    Beatriz (Brazil)

    The company killed it!

    December 24, 2022

    The travel was wonderful! A lot of organization, punctuality, and care with the characteristics and needs of each one of the group. The guide made the trip different, because, in addition to special moments in Jalapão and its unique beauty, he presented us with native culture, whether from the life of the regional people or with important knowledge about the cerrado, its fauna, and flora. I had fun and learned a lot. Unmissable! The company killed it!

    Cynara Coppola (Brazil)

    We came back without wanting to

    December 20, 2022

    All the tours were great, it’s hard to say which one was better, but the experience was increasing as the days went by, very satisfied with the schedule, accommodation, transport which was very good, and especially with our Guide, a very lively guy , took care of us, very attentive, patient, a professional, we came back without wanting to.

    Sergio Riquelme (Brazil)

    Without a doubt, my best trip of its kind

    December 20, 2022

    Without a doubt, my best trip of its kind. The landscapes, the script, the organization. Even the rain couldn’t stop it. A strong point of the trip: the concept of sustainable tourism with the integration of the local community into the tourist itinerary. The guides’ concern is to keep the place preserved. Respect for the residents of the region. Weak point: experiencing firsthand the unwillingness of politicians to give the bare minimum in terms of health and infrastructure for the region’s population. Getting sick or having an accident in Jalapão can cost you your life or a limb. About the organization, I only have praise. All partners were great with us. Our guide, a special being, is always very concerned. He rushed to help us, knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the place and gave us lessons. We will certainly return, perhaps on another version of the tour, with even more adventures and in a less rainy season, although it did not disturb us at all, on the contrary, fewer people, and more tranquility.

    Selma Riquelme (Brazil)

    Surpassed the expectation

    December 19, 2022

    A trip that surpassed the expectation. The trails and visits to quilombola communities were highlights of the trip. Highlight for the duo who guided us with excellence.

    Matthieu Péluchon (Brazil)

    Exceeded my expectations

    November 22, 2022

    Getting to know Jalapão with you made all the difference and the guide that accompanied us made the experience indescribable. Patient, welcoming, careful and knowledgeable about the wonders of Jalapão.

    The itinerary was perfect during these days and the accommodations exceeded my expectations…

    Simone Sena (Brazil)

    We had an amazing time!

    November 14, 2022

    The trip was incredible. Really well organized, and customized to our needs and itinerary. We had an amazing time, learned so much about Jalapão, and had a lot of fun. Our guide was so knowledgable and had always time on eye so we were not late and could really enjoy the four days.

    Kathrin Moosmann (Germany)

    Everything was sensational

    November 13, 2022

    I loved getting to know the communities, the local culture, the simple and very homemade cuisine, the Fervedouros, the welcoming people, and the best guides in Jalapão!!!

    Everything was sensational, from the arrival in Palmas to our stay in Tocantins. It was worth it all!!! Super recommend!!!

    Mirian Teshima (Brazil)

    The Fervedouros are magnificent

    November 11, 2022

    The trip was just wonderful. The guide accompanied us on all tours, with clear explanations, awakening our ecological awareness. An excellent professional, he turned the long journey into a joyful expedition with a lot of lightness. The experience at the Fervedouros was magnificent, only those who went to check it out will forever keep the feeling of floating, the effervescence of the water, and the unique beauty of each of them. The suggested tours were simply wonderful, both tours and meals were all booked. It was very peaceful, we didn’t waste time waiting and we were able to make the most of our time on each tour.

    Hiroi Nikaido (Brazil)

    I felt safe, comfortable and delighted

    November 8, 2022

    My experience was amazing! The organization made all the difference and broke paradigms about the adventure in Jalapão! The structure of the inns, transportation, restaurants, and attractions on the itinerary exceeded my expectations. I felt safe, comfortable, and delighted with the beauty and welcoming simplicity! I highly recommend it, as the guides made all the difference to our trip through their affection, knowledge, and simplicity. They were our drivers, photographers, and friends!

    Fernanda (Brazil)

    A lot of movement and unique landscapes

    October 31, 2022

    We bought the Jalapão – Travessias Jalapoeiras package, and I highly recommend it to anyone who can’t stand sightseeing sitting for hours in a vehicle. This package is intended for those who are in good physical condition and heat resistant. we had walks, rafting, diving etc, with a lot of movement and unique landscapes. The hiking days had an average of 13km/day and were done under a lot of sun (so, for those who don’t have good resistance to heat, I don’t recommend it), but for those who managed to do it, it was a spectacle, with very beautiful views and little explored in the most tourist circuits. Special mention should be made of the ascent to the Serra do Espirito Santo and subsequent descent into the dunes of Jalapão. Very beautiful view and unusual scenery. Special thanks to our guide who made the trip special at all times.

    Plinio (Brazil)

    Visiting another world

    October 16, 2022

    An amazing experience crossing the Jalapão! Expert guiding by a team of local guides, amazing views, and a challenging immersion in one of the most beautiful attractions in Brazil. Away from the tourist crowds, crystal clear rivers, and waterfalls, exclusively for us. Breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, lively contact with the local people, couldn’t enjoy it more.

    Feldberg (Brazil)

    Body and soul immersion

    October 12, 2022

    Here we found a totally different route, covering trails, experiences in Quilombola communities… that body and soul immersion that I was looking for to be able to disconnect completely from the city and connect with Nature. Our guide was top-notch! Super careful and friendly, cautious at the wheel and gave us a lot of security and knowledge throughout the trip. We liked the itinerary, the guide, and their proposal so much that we decided to extend our stay and do the Serras Gerais itinerary as well. Grateful to have been able to have these two experiences, both immersive and unique itineraries! What a wonderful experience!! Many thanks to the team who were very attentive to us from the beginning.

    Danielle (Brazil)

    The experience was excellent

    October 7, 2022

    The experience was excellent!!! We had a unique experience in Jalapão where we really managed to have very close contact with nature and with the local communities. We were able to visit the main attractions (Fervedouros, waterfalls, lagoons…) as well as others that were really outstanding (Sunset at Morro da Catedral, Rafting on the Soninho River, Sunrise at the Mirante da Serra do Espírito Santo, Canyon Encantado, trail in the cerrado and visit to local communities). I recommend everyone to take this trip.

    Erika (Brazil)

    Company that cares about the local community

    September 23, 2022

    Positive points: excellent logistics, professionalism even before starting the tour, comfortable and adequate car for the tours, guides, in general, attentive, organized. It is a . Points for improvement: the only inn that left something to be desired was the first one in São Félix, on the day of the ascent to Morro da Catedral, its employees were not very receptive and the dinner was not good.

    The hiking guides are incredible, they understand the local flora, but we missed more information about the place, the history, and the animals, they didn’t have much knowledge about birds.

    Valéria Almeida (Brazil)


    September 9, 2022

    You know when you read that something is indescribable and you think it was laziness or incompetence on the part of the person reporting it? Forget… Jalapão is indescribable! Too beautiful, too surprising, unusual to no longer be able to. Knowledge, professionalism, care, zeal, and attention.

    Luiz (Brazil)

    An immersion in nature and local culture

    September 9, 2022

    The itinerary is sensational, an immersion in nature and local culture. Itinerary that balances walking in beautiful places and moments to rest in rivers and wonderful Fervedouros. Professional guide, note 1000. God willing, I will come back to know more about this paradise in our Brazil. 

    Roberta Veloso (Brazil)

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