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From BRL 12,680.00 per person

Amazon River Cruise Expedition for 07 days

From BRL 12,680.00 per person
Accommodation Included
Meals Included
Group Size 16-20
Drinks Included
About the adventure

Experience moments of adventure and connection with nature in the Greatest Natural Wonder in the World, the Amazon Rainforest onboard of Jacaré-Açu boat on this amazing Amazon River Cruise for 07 days. Navigate through the amazonian waters with great comfort. This premium boat has 64 feet, 3 floors, 8 suite cabins, and large functional and leisure areas for up to 16 people on long expeditions.


The regional style of the boat provides our customers with the feeling of traveling on a top-of-the-line boat like the natives of the region, but with comfort, safety, and onboard service. Suite-cabins with ith air-conditioned, a covered leisure area and solarium with tables, chairs, and loungers, shower, hammocks are some of the features you will find on this amazonian boat.


7 days Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


We will cruise through the Amazon Forest, contemplating its beautiful landscapes, learning about its rich biodiversity, tasting the culinary delicacies of the region, and getting to know the local culture interacting with indigenous communities.


Experience this unique Amazon River Cruise for 7 days.



Day 1 - Manaus
The crew will welcome you on board for the start of this Amazon River Cruise for 07 days. During navigation in Amazonian waters, a meeting will be held, giving instructions, explaining the itinerary, and demonstrating practices of minimal impact during the trip.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


We will enjoy a delicious lunch on board while sailing the Lake Janauary, a rich Amazon ecosystem full of birds, reptiles, exotic plants, and giant trees, bathed by the waters of the Solimões River, abundant in life and organic nutrients.



Contemplating its water we will arrive at Encontro das Águas (Meeting of the Waters), where Rio Negro (black waters) and Rio Solimões (brown waters) run side by side for more than 9 km.



Navigating Rio Negro, the seventh-largest river in the world by volume of water,  we will follow toward Anavilhanas Anavilhanas Archipelago, with dinner and drinks on board.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Day 2 - Rio Negro + Ariaú River 
Opening the curtain in your room and enjoying nature at any time is an indescribable sensation! We start the day with a relaxing walk through the calm waters Rio Negro, we will go to Ariaú River, a settlement of Indians from the Upper Rio Negro. We visit the village and witness a rustic presentation of their traditional customs, dance, a little history, and crafts. After the presentation, interaction in native language Tuiuka and Tukano.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise

Indigenous Tribe Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


While enjoying lunch we follow the navigation through Ariaú River, a beautiful black watercourse, with characteristic vegetation and peculiar attractions such as giant trees, with the option of performing the Tree Climb. We will enjoy its abundant fauna, with aquatic trail activity with piranha fishing and probable interaction with scent monkeys. After dinner, we will be spotting alligators and other nocturnal animals.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Day 3  - Anavilhanas National Park
Another day on this amazing Amazon River Cruise! Today our adventure starts National Park of Anavilhanas and its abundant fauna and flora. Known for being the second largest river archipelago in the world, with 400 river islands and the habitat of the most beloved character of the Amazon, the pink dolphin.


Anavilhanas National Park

Pink Dolphins Amazon


After lunch, we will enjoy a beautiful 2h hike in a forest to appreciate the fauna and flora and visit the caboclo community of Miriti. That night we will sleep in the waters of Anavilhanas and enjoy a special dinner under the moonlight.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Day 4  - Madadá Cave
Wake up to the sounds of birds for one more day exploring the Amazonian waters. The adventure of the day is the Madadá Cave trail. After a hearty breakfast onboard will hike 1200 meters in the Amazon Forest until we reach this enigmatic cave formed over 700 million years ago by sandstone blocks of various shades.


The highlight of the day is the Gruta do Madadá trail, a perfect attraction for those facing natural challenges. In the midst of large enigmatic sandstone rocks and waters of different shades, we will walk along a trail of 1200 meters in the Amazon Forest. We will return to the boat to sail to Reserva do Jaú, aPark Nationalfull of rock paintings and archaeological sites, which protects the hydrographic basin of theRiver Jaú. In the afternoon, we will take a boat trip through streams on the way to the reserve, and, at sunset, we will continue towards an overnight stay in Boca do Jaú.

Madadá Cave - Expedition on Amazon River Cruise



After exploring the cave, we will have lunch at the boat, navigating toward the Jaú National Par we will stop for a swim at Rio Negro, enjoy its beautiful sunset, and have an overnight at Praia do Sono (Sleep Beach).


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise

Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


During the evening we will enjoy a unique special dinner by the beach with a bonfire on another magical night on the greatest natural wonder in the World, the Amazon Rainforest.


Day 5 - Velho Airão + Petroglyphs + Jaú National Park
What a wonderful feeling waking up in the Amazon. Today we will head toward Jaú National Park, with a stop Airão Velho, an abandoned city, lost in the Amazon forest. With a single inhabitant, considered the 'guardian' of the place, the old settlement is in ruins on the banks of the Rio Negro. We will also visit the Mirituba riverside community and existing pre-Columbian petroglyphs near Airão Velho.


Airão Velho


After a delicious lunch onboard and a short walk to visit the great Amazon tree, Samaúma, we will reach Jaú National Park, a conservation unit perfect for those who like to watch birds. The flocks of macaws and parrots that fly over the forest are a separate spectacle. A visit to the local communities and their customs will also bring us even closer to the Amazonian lifestyle.


Macaws - Expedition on Amazon River Cruise





After enjoying the activities inside the Park, be amazed by the night sounds that echo in Jaú River, a place that will shelter us for another magical night.


Waterfall at Jaú National Park Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Day 6 - Jaú National Park
Start the day enjoying breakfast on the banks of Jaú River and get ready to enjoy the last moments of this expedition. During this return journey, take the opportunity to say goodbye to this rich ecosystem that will have already provided you with unique sensations at this point in the adventure.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Today we will visit the Aturiá community to experience the lifestyle of the locals, exchange experiences, visit its orchard with seasonal fruits and the flour house and have a short trip on a fisherman's canoe to observe the local fauna, especially the Bicó monkey.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise



Navigating the Jaú River, we will enjoy lunch on board, make a stop for a beautiful hike through the forest, and refresh ourselves in a hidden waterfall in the midst of the jungle. On the last night of our expedition, the crew will assemble a special dinner to celebrate this Amazonian experience.


Jaú National Park - Expedition on Amazon River Cruise

Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Day 7 - Novo Airão +  Manaus
The waters that gave us "welcome" will now give us a "see you soon" as we cruise to Novo Airão, where once more we can interact with the pink dolphins before and a visit to artisans' workshop before we end this adventure. Farewell lunch will be served at the Floating Restaurant Flor do Luar.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


A transfer to Manaus from Novo Airão will be arranged, or you can also extend one more night at the unique hotel Mirante do Gavião.


With renewed energy, we return home with the certainty that traveling through the Amazon on a boat is a unique adventure, which will make us reflect on how much we must protect the greatest natural heritage in the world.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


End your adventure at Mirante do Gavião

An inverted boat, anchored in a sea of ​​green, Mirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge offers in their leisure areas swimming pool, pier, lounge and restaurant, and some lookouts on the property where you can relax and enjoy the various types of visual: Rio Negro, Anavilhanas Archipelago, our Birds or even the friendly sloths and iguanas of our little forest. When you book the expedition, we offer a 30% discount at the lodge. 


Mirante do Gavião


What is included on the Amazon River Cruise

  • 06 nights aboard the Jacaré-Açu boat on a suite-cabin with air conditioning,
  • Bilingual guide
  • Crew: Captain, expedition leader, native guide, chefs, assistants, sailors, and housekeeper.
  • Meals: Full board, including 3 meals a day + snacks.
  • Drinks: sparkling water, natural juices, soft drinks, caipirinhas, beer.
  • Customized menu option: Regional, International, Vegetarian Low fat
  • Transfer Novo Airão > Manaus
  • Booklets, articles, and infographics about Amazon, in PDF.
  • Support boat for the transportation of passengers, according to the planned itinerary;
  • Gasoline needed for navigation, including the support boat;
  • Fees referring to the presentation of the Indians, walking the trails, and diving with the dolphins;


What is not included

  • Medical Aid;
  • Drinks not mentioned as included;
  • Tips and gratuities.


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