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Exclusive Pantanal Jaguar Safari

From BRL 6,645.00 per person
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About the adventure

Venture to an authentic Pantanal Jaguar Safari in Brazil, for an experience you'll never forget! In the largest continental wetland area in the world, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is located the unique Pantanal Jungle Lodge, a complex of 53,000 hectares developed for adventurers to experience the Pantanal to the fullest while enjoying the luxurious accommodations. Much more than a resort in the Pantanal, this Lodge is a center for the preservation of wildlife, and those who stay experience the activities of conservation projects.


This refuge is an immersion in the Pantanal lifestyle, with various activities in nature accompanied by a team of professional bilingual guides with specialized knowledge of the local flora and fauna, known as “Guias de Campo”, experts in the culture of the region. The daily excursions, by land and water, will take you to see and learn about the peculiarities of the Pantanal's biodiversity.


This Pantanal Jaguar Safari experience is considered the best place in the world to see jaguars on land, despite not being a zoo and not using any artificial maneuvers or feeding the jaguars to make the sightings. Here, the jaguar sighting rate is 98%, and they can be seen all year round. Off-road Safari jeeps will take you to see some of the 132 species of mammals in their habitats and find out about their ways of life, as well as walks through the forests where we will learn about the natural riches existing in more than 1,197 species of plants. By water, we will explore the area by canoe to spot alligators and the 463 different bird species, and also learn about the importance of flooding as a reproduction zone.


pantanal jaguar safari

Felipe Castellari

pantanal jaguar safari

Samuel Melim

Keith Ladzinski

Samuel Melim

About Pantanal Jungle Lodge

Staying at the Pantanal Jungle Lodge is having the chance to immerse yourself in one of the most breathtaking scenarios on the planet. Distant 3h30 from Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, and 2h30m from Bonito National Park, this refuge was founded 35 years ago with the mission of preserving the fauna and flora of the Pantanal. Safaris are carried out within the hotel's conservation area, with exclusive access to guests who closely monitor wildlife preservation activities. The hotel area is completely fenced to guarantee security and give guests the freedom to move around in the common areas, without the chance of encountering a jaguar along the way.


Layla Motta

Felipe Castellari

Felipe Castellari


The main lodge occupies a magical corner of the Pantanal: land overlooking a cinematic bay and surrounded by an immensity of greenery. From the mornings enlivened by the birds chirping before the walks to the moonlit nights, everything here is an invitation to disconnect and enjoy the best that nature has to offer. Between one activity and another, guests take the opportunity to read a book in the hammocks scattered around the garden, have a drink by the pool, or relax on the cushions on the terrace. And, when night falls, the outdoor area with a firepit is the best place to remember the good adventures of the day and enjoy the starry sky of the Pantanal in the deepest peace.


pantanal eco hotel

Felipe Castellari

pantanal eco hotel

Felipe Castellari

Felipe Castellari


Stays include meals inspired by the cuisine of Brazilian homes, which seek to value regional ingredients grown by local communities and projects. The Pantanal Jungle Lodge also has diving equipment, kayaks, canoes, and bicycles available for those who wish to venture into more radical activities.


Conservation Projects

Eco Hotel Caiman works with three pillars of sustainable development, which are livestock, ecotourism, and support for environmental conservation projects. As a member of The Long Run, an English organization formed by committed initiatives to combine tourism, nature, and sustainability, Caiman believes that with responsibility and care, the planet and development can coexist in harmony. Here, three conservation projects work as independent initiatives,  and guests are welcome to accompany their activities, for a fixed environmental fee, which is reverted to the maintenance and preservation of this RPPN (Private Natural Heritage Reserve).



Created in 2011 and founded by former pilot Mario Haberfeld, this project focuses on the preservation and reintroduction of jaguars to their natural habitat. Through this project, the jaguars got used to the safari vehicles, which made this Lodge the best place in the world to see jaguars on land. This is an unmissable opportunity to observe the behavior of jaguars in their natural habitat on our reserve and dive into the universe of this fascinating mammal. The tour is led by guides from Onçafari, a pioneering initiative aimed at the conservation of this species. To participate, our guests must book in advance and make a direct donation to the project.


pantanal jaguar safari

pantanal jaguar safari

Felipe Castellari


Instituto Arara Azul

Founded in 1990 by Ph.D. biologist Neiva Guedes, this project has since its foundation tripled the reproduction of the hyacinth macaw, a typical Brazilian bird, from the level of extinction to the level of vulnerability. Accompanied by biologists from the Hyacinth Macaw Institute, this activity invites travelers to closely monitor the hyacinth macaw nests throughout the refuge and discover curiosities about the birds that add such color to the Pantanal skies. To participate, our guests must book in advance and make a direct donation to the project.


Felipe Castellari

Felipe Castellari


Give yourself over to a season of great emotions led by nature and during your stay, enjoy the activities included and offered by this Pantanal Jaguar Safari experience.


Safari on Land
Board open cars to discover different scenarios in search of the Pantanal's wildlife, accompanied by your guides. The safari area is inside the Lodge's reserve, exclusive to guests. Here there will be no shortage of incredible sightings throughout the tour and it will be the opportunity to observe the number of animals that have the Pantanal as their habitat, as well as the peculiarities of the flora and the contrasts of the vegetation. Often overshadowed by the Amazon to the north, the southern area of Pantanal is less touristy and wilderness and the jaguars are seen by land, unlike the northern area which they are seen by water.


pantanal jaguar safari

Felipe Castellari

pantanal eco hotel

Felipe Castellari


The tours leave at 6:30 AM, returning to the Jungle Lodge before the temperatures get high and leaving again in the late afternoon, the best time to see the animals. Between periods of sightseeing, guests can enjoy the areas of the Lodge.


Night Focus
Accompanied by the silence of the forest, discover the nocturnal habits of animals such as ocelots, anteaters, jaguars and alligators on an exciting walk after dinner.


pantanal jaguar safari

Felipe Castellari

pantanal jaguar safari

Keith Ladzinski


Ecologic Walk

The trails are a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the forest, revealing many curiosities and stories of the Pantanal fauna. In this Pantanal Jaguar Safari experience, it will be possible to have direct contact with the environment and discover the curiosities of the local vegetation. The trails are constantly changing routes so that there is greater environmental preservation.


Layla Motta

pantanal jaguar safari

Layla Motta


Canadian Canoe
Glide leisurely through our bay and take the opportunity to see the Pantanal sky change colors in a surprising way – the landscape is unforgettable!


pantanal jaguar safari

Felipe Castellari

pantanal jaguar safari

Felipe Castellari


Bird Watching

Waking up every day to the sound of the 463 species of birds in the Pantanal is already exciting, but this tour will take you to the bird grouping areas to observe the peculiarities of each species, including those that are difficult to see. Guests are accompanied by a team of guides and biologists who monitor the birds, their nests, and their chicks.


Felipe Castellari

Sidney Bloch


Horseback Riding

This is the most memorable way to experience the Pantanal. Lasting about 3½ hours, the activity explores different landscapes with some surprises along the way.


Layla Motta


Bike Tours

There is nothing like riding a bike through amazing landscapes, exploring and discovering different areas of this refuge.


About Pantanal

The Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul is the largest continuous wetland in the world and in Brazilian territory alone, it has 140,000 km2 of floodplain, extending into Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. The formation of the Pantanal began between 2 and 5 million years ago and originated in a large sedimentation basin, today a plain that is isolated and surrounded by several mountain ranges that surround the region, considered a World Heritage Site.


pantanal jaguar safari


The Pantanal quietly harbors the highest concentration of wildlife in South America. It’s part of a National Park and it’s considered a critical region of the world by the World Wildlife Fund, which estimates that 325 species of fish, 159 species of mammals, 656 species of birds, 53 species of amphibians, and 98 species of reptiles live in this hotbed of biodiversity.


pantanal jaguar safari

Felipe Castellari


Each year, the Pantanal goes through four seasons that change its landscape, they are flood season, when the summer rains cause floods approximately from December to March and much of the fauna occupies higher areas such as caápons and mountain ranges, it's a good time to go on boat trips and find a beautiful landscape on horseback rides through the flooded fields; the ebb tide season, The ebb tide, from April to June, is the moment when the waters start to recede, and the richness of microorganisms that remain in the soil brings the flight of birds; the dry season, from July to October, a true paradise for wildlife running wild, with a greater possibility of sighting animals, and the rain season, from November to December.


pantanal jaguar safari



The Pantanal Jungle Lodge has 18 rooms in the main house, a true oasis of tranquility in the immensity of our refuge. The rooms are completely independent of each other, spread across the refuge area to provide guests with privacy and a greater sense of belonging to nature. There are 1 presidential suite, 3 superior suites, and 14 standard suites, all with fans, air conditioning, comfortable beds, individual bathroom with hot water, a terrace, and a safe.


pantanal eco hotel

Felipe Castellari

pantanal eco hotel

Felipe Castellari


A 9km further away from the headquarters, there is also a lodge that works as a private villa: Baiazinha. This village is in the middle of wild nature within the Lodge's Natural Reserve, with all the security and privacy, exclusively for small groups, with all services, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cleaning service, and the availability of a private car and two bilingual guides to accompany the private activities.


pantanal eco hotel

Helder Brandão


 Experience being immersed in this Pantanal Jaguar Safari and dive deep into the Pantanal ecosystem.



What is included?

  • All transfers;
  • 2 English-speaking wildlife guides;
  • Accommodation;
  • All meals, snacks during the activities, and juice and water (The Lodge has a zero plastic policy and does not offer bottled water, All guests receive a bottle that they can fill up whenever they want);
  • Excursions (boat safaris, overland safaris, walking safaris, night safaris).


What is not included?

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Beverages
  • Phone calls
  • Laundry service


What to bring

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Pants
  • T-Shirt
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Shorts
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Raincoat
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Thermos bottle


Cancelation Policy

  • Up to 30 days before the start of the activity we will refund 85%.
  • Within less than 28 days we will return 45% of the amount paid.
  • In case of withdrawal within less than 8 days, no refund of the amount paid.


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    Customer Reviews

    4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 34 reviews)

    Impeccable family holiday

    April 15, 2023

    A fantastic family holiday. Impeccable service and amenities. Wonderful wildlife and knowledgeable guides, that help you appreciate it even more.

    Katherine Light (Switzerland)

    Comfortable and well-decorated

    March 7, 2023

    The inn is very cozy, comfortable, and well-decorated. The rooms are spacious and perfect for a good rest. Meals are delicious, varied, and very filling, regardless of whether the inn is full or not. There are two walks a day, one around 5:30 am and the other at 4 pm, but they are by no means tiring. The only problem (due to the flooding and rainy season) was the mosquitoes during the walks, but nothing disturbed us or made us give up. It’s so worth it!

    Tereza Lima (Brazil)

    Everything was perfect

    March 4, 2023

    We had an amazing time at the lodge, everything was perfect.

    Jasmin Gisler (Switzerland)

    Everything is simply exceptional

    January 30, 2023

    Everything is simply exceptional. Incredible place immersed in the nature of the Pantanal. Decor of the highest standard, incredible service, very tasty meals, and sensational tours. Special mention to the Biologist and the Guide who accompanied us on the 4 days of tours we did. Unforgettable safari with sightings of jaguars, anteaters, alligators, deer, rheas, and more than 100 species of birds. We strongly recommend it for couples and families with teenagers.

    Joze Candido (Brazil)

    Service of the highest standard

    January 19, 2023

    Everything is simply exceptional. Incredible place of immersion in the nature of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. Decoration and service of the highest standard, very tasty meals, and sensational tours. Special mention to the Biologist and the Guide who accompanied us on the 4 days of tours they did. Unforgettable safari with sightings of jaguars, anteaters, alligators, deer, rheas, and more than 100 species of birds. We strongly recommend it for couples and families with teenagers.

    Joze Candido (Brazil)

    The best travel experience we had in Brazil

    December 20, 2022

    We were there in June. Expectations were very high, but they were greatly exceeded. It was the best travel experience we had in Brazil and is second to none for a safari in the Krugger Park in South Africa.

    The facilities are wonderful, the staff is very kind and attentive and the nature is exuberant. Our game rangers were great, we saw jaguars on all our trips, as well as deer, giant anteater, blue macaw, tuiuiu, and much more…Thank you so much for all the fun, attention, and teachings guys! We loved getting to know the Onçafari project, horseback riding with the Pantanal pedestrians, canoeing, and special dinners, which were breathtaking!

    Maria Leticia (Brazil)

    The experience exceeded expectations

    November 25, 2022

    I am not exaggerating. Recommend room #8 (spacious with a verandah facing the river, 1 and 1/2 bathrooms, large “dressing room” for all your stuff, and full bathroom has two showerheads. Almost floor to ceiling windows on two sides. Safari staff is so knowledgeable (they listen and answer and are helpful). Speak English. Safaris are in open heavy duty (think diesel) jeeps, with lots of off road exploration and explanation. Take seriously the need for bug repellent. November mornings were cold enough for 4 layers; days got hot.

    Special dinners were really special (not gonna give anything away here).

    Definitely do Oncafari jaguar tours (we saw 9 jaguars in 3 days) and the hyacinth macaw tour exceeded all expectations. Guides were friendly, knowledgeable, sincere in their preservation mission, the work they are doing is amazing and interesting, experience with them exceeded expectations.

    Ann Smith (United States)

    Jaguar magic and wonderful staff

    November 22, 2022

    We stayed here as a family, and everything was spectacular- the food, the service, the setting, and most importantly the safari tours. I have been on safari in both Africa and India and this beat both of their hands down… the quality of the guides you are getting is extremely unique. You really feel you could be watching a David Attenborough documentary- the guides are supported by the onçafari researchers who manage to get you closer to jaguars in a way I doubt any other hotel could match. Our guide was delightful and extremely knowledgeable- I cannot praise him enough. The staff also put on the most picturesque jungle candlelit dinner AND a traditional pantaneiro churrasco. Don’t think about booking anywhere else if you want to see jaguars… come here! This is a world-class eco-tourism.

    Allymac (China)

    A Very Special Place

    October 28, 2022

    Caiman is a really special place. You are surrounded by the amazing Pantanal flora and fauna and are staying in supremely comfortable accommodations. The food is excellent and they make an excellent G&T at the bar. It is the staff that makes it really special though. The welcome is generous and everything is spotlessly clean. Days are spent on a safari in the morning and another one in the evening. We saw all of the Pantanal’s big 5 (jaguar, capybara, caiman, marsh deer, and giant anteater). Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and his enthusiasm bought everything into close focus. Our driver was also great and fearless when we got stuck in the mud having just spotted a large male jaguar. The add-on Oncafari jaguar tour is also excellent. The guides were a brilliant team. Incredibly exciting to see 2 jaguars up close. Well worth a visit!!

    Samson James (United Kingdom)

    Exceptional, best ever

    September 28, 2022

    This spot is magical . The grounds around the Casa are manicured to perfection and sit around a beautiful pool area. The interiors are all gorgeously decorated as well . The food is beyond superb and healthy and fresh with serious variety . They also have amazing dinners in the bush. Also a full gym and sauna. Animals abound everywhere – even next to your room are macaws and capybaras. We saw jaguar, capybaras, anteaters , tapirs, ocelot and literally an array of amazing and unusual animals . You will absolutely not be disappointed. It’s also worth going on Onçafari as you will get a better an closer experience of tracking jaguars . They also have a hyacinth macaw project to see. A heads up on the vehicles – if you are Akeem photographer you will need to insist on being on the 6 seater vehicle as the q0 makes photography basically impossible. Plus don’t forget mosquito spray !

    Amber D. (South Africa)

    Absolutely magical

    September 28, 2022

    My 12-year-old and I had the most amazing experience at this Eco Hotel. Everything was just perfect, particularly the wonderful guidance. The place is stunning; the staff is super professional; the fact that the projects Onçafari and Arara Azul have headquarters there makes it even more special. We were able to admire the stunning flora and fauna that live in Pantanal; we even saw an exploding meteorite. The staff go out of their way to make all experiences extra special and, again, our biologist and our tracker made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Jaguars are stunning creatures! This place is a MUST; we shall return!

    Sandra Bombita (Spain)

    Magical Stay

    August 28, 2022

    We stayed for 4 nights as a couple at the Baiazinha lodge. Amazing! Due to COVID, we are the only guests at the hotel. Everything was very well taken care of. Super friendly staff, great food and very comfortable lodge, overlooking the lake. What a show of wildlife during the safaris, with 3 jaguar seeings! We loved every minute of it!!!

    Vincent C. (Brazil)

    Unlike anything else

    June 1, 2022

    Simply spectacular. The Pantanal itself is surprising, but this experience is something very different and impressive. Worth every penny! Impeccable service (all staff is extremely helpful, polite and good-humored), excellent facilities, equally good food, and breakfast, in addition to all the assistance from the team and the experience they provide (which only gets better day after day). I highly recommend the visit! Undoubtedly a trip unlike anything else and one of the coolest experiences (if not the coolest) I’ve ever had while traveling in Brazil.

    Danilo Dante (Brazil)


    May 20, 2022

    Best hotel in the Pantanal! Staff attention is exceptional! The safaris, the food, and the accommodation were all impeccable. I recommend with eyes closed. It’s sensational…. a dip in the local fauna and flora.

    Zavar (Brazil)

    Words are missing to describe the experience

    August 30, 2021

    The place is spectacular! Only 18 rooms, super comfortable, warm, and well decorated. The farm recently renovated and inaugurated, has different places where you can rest, relax, enjoy the landscape, have a delicious coffee, stay around the fire, and read a book… It has a hammock, gazebo with lounge chairs, barbecue, and swimming pool shaded by trees… The food is spectacular, with a super varied menu, with a homely touch, and at the same time sophisticated. The service is wonderful, with a super friendly and attentive staff. Words are missing to describe the experience of this amazing and unique place. I had never been to the Pantanal before and I couldn’t have been better received. It was worth every penny paid.

    Adriana (Brazil)

    The conservation efforts are truly inspiring

    August 24, 2021

    What an Amazing experience! My wife and I loved it! The food is great, the activities are fun and educational, and the service is absolutely top-notch! All of the staff are friendly and go the extra mile to make the experience special. Also, I definitely recommend doing the Onçafari Jaguar experience and the Hyacinth (Blue) Macaw project! The conservation efforts in this area of the Pantanal are truly inspiring! Oh, and we saw 11 different jaguars in 4 days! Not to mention all of the other plants and animals that are thriving in the area.

    Carey (United States)

    Wonderful place

    July 27, 2021

    Wonderful place, but the hotel service is not perfect. The best part of the trip was the Onçafari, an unmissable and wonderful tour! It’s really worth it; it’s an amazing experience! Super well-prepared staff! In addition, on our first day, we were very cold on the tour; the guides forgot our snacks and there were no blankets for everyone in the vehicle. Also, some rooms were without hot water…

    Bia Rocholi (Brazil)

    Unique service

    July 6, 2021

    Flawless! Spectacular, experience worth every penny! Exceptional food, unique service, comfort, design, all in the middle of an autonomous Pantanal farm. A 5 star definitely.

    Wild animals are seen all the time, the proposed tours are incredible!

    Taianam (Brazil)

    The guides are very well trained

    January 20, 2020

    A wonderful experience in which we can go on safari in Brazil with sightings of animals such as jaguars, blue macaws, tapirs, capybaras and anteaters. The guides are very well trained. The NGOs Onçafari and Arara Azul are well worth a visit. The structure of the inns is very good.

    Marcelo Melchior (Brazil)


    October 10, 2019

    One of my best nature trips ever. The lodge is so well-run, with lovely staff, great food, and plenty of places to chill and get to know the wildlife better – birds, caimans, and capybara galore. There was so much to see and wonder at whether you were sitting on the deck, or going for a stroll nearby, or of course, going on “safari”. Obviously, it isn’t quite like going on safari in the African bush, but it feels similar in a lot of ways. We saw anteaters (including a baby on its mother’s back), eagles, peccaries, and jaguars. We opted for the additional day out with Oncasafari, a conservation initiative, and it was money incredibly well spent (not only are you helping to fund conservation and research, but jaguars with radio collars are less likely to be killed by ranchers). We saw jaguar cubs as well – unforgettable, as was sitting on the lawn outside the lodge watching the capybara happily graze.

    Chantal (United kingdom)


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