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Take a look what our customers have to say after having an adventure in Chapada Diamantina with PlanetaEXO.

Unforgettable experience

June 21, 2023

All our experience during these 6 days was incredible, and we owe a lot to our guide. At the same time that he was extremely attentive and careful, he gave us space to overcome our own challenges on the trails, which made everything very rewarding. We could see his connection with other guides and locals from Pati, a demonstration of respect and mutual trust. Definitely a trip that added a lot to our spirits, unforgettable.

Paula Bosch (Brazil)

Wonderful place

June 20, 2023

Incredible experience. Our guide gave us a 360-degree view of Pati, taking us to beautiful viewpoints. The freshly prepared menu was very tasty. Everything happened as planned, with plenty of safety measures. We would definitely return to Pati and look for him again!

Mariana Kawamuro (Brazil)

I’ll be back soon

June 20, 2023

Our Guide, he was fantastic, he followed the proposed plan to the letter and was very informative, courteous, fun and patient the whole way through, our whole group had fun during our 5 day trekk and i could not help but feel that with our guide everything was easier, i definitely recommend PlanetaEXO for your travels in Chapada! I will definitely be coming back and requesting him to be my guide again

Abdullah Omar (Canada)


June 19, 2023

Well-organized itinerary. Great host. Incredible experience.

Guilherme Portela Perfeito (Brazil)

So sad that it's over

June 18, 2023

Our trip to the Pati Valley was one of the most spectacular treks of my life. I can barely describe it because it was so magical — with challenging days that made me feel good about myself, amazing sights, with wonderful company, including the privilege of having a teacher join us and give us meditation guidance and yoga in the most perfect spots and in ways that gave the trip an extra layer of meaning. Most of all, our wonderful guide, made the whole thing special for us, providing a perfectly orchestrated tour, beautifully timed and structured to get the most out of the beauty of the valley. The lunches he made for us were very carefully considered, given our gluten intolerance, and they were absolutely delicious. We felt privileged to be in the company of our guide and would not only recommend them highly but we really didn’t want to leave. Thank you, for this special time.

Tessa McWatt (United Kingdom)

Incredible experience

June 18, 2023

It was an incredible experience. The guide is highly professional and conveys a lot of security and knowledge about the place. I also really enjoyed PlanetaEXO’s service.

Flavio Teixeira (Brazil)

Musician guide

June 17, 2023

Vale Do Pati is a beautiful place. We enjoyed our time there and certainly recommend visiting this incredible place to others. Our guide is a kind, resourceful, and caring tour guide. He also has a good sense of humour that makes the journey much more fun. Additionally, he is a mean air guitar player! His exclusive performance of Money for Nothing for us was one of the trip’s highlights.

Behrad Babaee (United Kingdom)

Therapeutic hike

June 9, 2023

The vale do pati trek was absolutely sensational ! The scenery and hiking was therapeutic whilst being disconnected from the outside world was refreshing and grounding. Our guide was extra thoughtful in accomodating for everyone including dietary preferences which was an incredible detail whilst in the depths of wilderness. He provided good vibes throughout and always had an unbeatable story to tell ! Unfortunately members from our group were unable to continue on the last day, however our guide kindly handed us over to his colleague who guided us to finish the trek. his colleague had studied geology so he was able to educate us on cave formations whilst we did the cave crossing and provided many insights throughout the rest of the trek. He was also a pleasure to hike with ! It was the experience of a lifetime and I would highly recommend both guides to anyone visiting Chapada, I look forward to returning and trekking with them again !

Nabeel Anjum (United Kingdom)

Very empathetic and patient guide

June 5, 2023

The trip was very well organized. The guide was sensational. He understood and accommodated my pace and difficulties throughout the trails and stayed by my side during the most challenging sections for me, providing me with reassurance. He made the trip possible for me, that’s the truth. And the snacks were wonderful, the attention to everyone’s dietary restrictions in the group was fantastic.

Camilla (Brazil)

Great hike

June 3, 2023

We had a great experience with our guide, who was very attentive and helpful throughout the entire time. Always cheerful, he treated us very well. PlanetaEXO also provided us with all the support and assistance during the trip.

Simone Dalla Costa (Brazil)

Perfect experience

May 22, 2023

We loved our experience from beginning to end. Everything was very well organized, without any problems, the food was excellent, as well as the accommodations. The guide was perfect, and we had a lot of fun. We recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much for everything!

Alec Arbocco (Canada)

Only praise for this wonderful team

April 26, 2023

Everything was perfect. PlanetaEXO had everything ready for us to have a wonderful immersion in the Pati Valley. They introduced us to this amazing person who is the guide. Energetic, always willing to help, attentive. He certainly made a difference in our trek.

Djoni Antônio da Silva (Brazil)

Brilliant guide

April 25, 2023

The guide was impeccable throughout the entire time he guided us. Being a native, he knew how to share various information about the place with us. He was always very fun and responsible. I believe we couldn’t have had a better guide.

Adriana (Brazil)

PlanetEXO and the guide are very attentive

April 24, 2023

Planeta Exo and the guide were impeccable from start to finish. The agency was always very attentive, answering all my questions and guiding me, and the guide was extremely professional, attentive, supportive, and concerned about the group. They were knowledgeable about the region and the best at preparing snacks throughout Chapada Diamantina! I was very happy to have made the right choice when I contacted you. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Luciana Rosa Paiva (Brazil)

I didn't know the company and I loved it

April 24, 2023

My wife booked the itinerary with PlanetaEXO without many references, but she hit the bullseye. They were super attentive and dedicated. Our guide, was incredibly attentive

Paulo Henrique Moscardr (Brazil)

Best trip of my life

April 24, 2023

Of all the trips I’ve taken, I have never been so well attended and welcomed by an agency as I was by PlanetaEXO. Highly qualified professionals. They took care of us from beginning to end. It was great, and I feel like a friend to you all! May God bless you and may you continue like this! It’s a pleasure and a feeling of security to travel with you all!

Renan Costa (Brazil)

Excellent trekking and great organization

April 4, 2023

It was great to spend three days in this incredible nature! We loved it! The guide is such a great person and an excellent guide – we liked to spend time with him and we hope we will meet him in the future. The organisation by planetaexo was great – communication was smooth and we did not have to worry about anything except for walking in the nature!

Anna Finizio (Italy)

Complete adventure from beginning to end

April 2, 2023

The whole Exo experience was great and everyone on the team was very response, helpful and kind throughout planning, booking and during the trip. Thanks so much to the guide for this wonderful trekk, his attentiveness, support, great sense of humour and patience. It was really great and I enjoyed those days to the fullest!

Solveig (Germany)

Lifetime experience

March 31, 2023

We loved the tour in Chapada Diamantina, it was a once in a lifetime experience! My guide was a extremely friendly and helpful guide whom thought us a lot about the history of Chapada Diamantini. We truly loved the experience and would highly recommend taking the tour!

Lars and Daphne (Netherlands)

My guide made this trip very special

March 26, 2023

The days hiking Vale do Pati with my guide were incredible. He was my guide, cook, photographer, botanist, and storyteller. He made sure to adapt the trip according to my physical abilities, showed me his favorite parts of the Valley, and overall made this trip very special.

Kather Seitz (Germany)

Happy partners make your adventure unforgettable.

We value our partners as much as we value our customers! See what they have to say about working with us

The beginning of a promising future.

September 20, 2022

I work as a driver for PlanetaEXO, and I have experienced the entire creation of the company since the beginning. Their objective has always been to offer more people an experience in the natural beauties of Chapada Diamantina, especially Vale do Pati, valuing guides, transport, and accommodation of the locals. I realize that the recognition of the work of the partners is a strong point and I am very grateful to be part of EXO. As I’m the one who takes the visitors to the beginning of the trail, I’m always listening to their satisfaction for having chosen this company. I can see it’s just the beginning of a promising future. Thanks, EXO!

Enilson (Guiné)

Guides have their work valued and recognized

September 20, 2022

The biggest difficulty for the guides is working in partnership with tourism companies. Although they always provide work, most of them pay prices below the market, which makes competitiveness difficult and does not encourage the appreciation of our work. The guides are the ones who lead, take care of and teach the visitor about the history, culture and local habits, in addition to being the most important link to guarantee safety and success in the execution of the trail. However, it is possible to have a balance and PlanetaEXO is proof of that, the guides have their work valued and recognized.

Lucas (Vale do Capão)

The best work environment

September 20, 2022

PlanetaEXO for me is synonymous with joy, appreciation, and seriousness. When they look for me to do the guided tour, I feel I’m in the right place, because I do what I like with a company that gives me the proper support and also values ​​me. This appreciation that the guide deserves makes it the best possible environment, even being called by them I have complete freedom and autonomy to do my work with my standards. PlanetaEXO came to innovate this scenario in that the guide makes a lot of effort and doesn’t have the due recognition, a company that Chapada Diamantina needed.

Júnior (Guiné)

Incredible company

September 20, 2022

PlanetaEXO is an incredible company, which was created with the aim of valuing native guides more and also strengthening communities. It encourages sustainable tourism with a love for nature and respecting local customs.

Nara (Host at Mr.Wilson's house)

Happy to be a part of it!

September 20, 2022

PlanetaEXO cares about valuing the guides, they understand the importance of our work and also encourage the personal growth of each one. Happy to be a part of it!

Rodrigo (Lençóis)

I just have to thank you!

September 19, 2022

PlanetaEXO has arrived to value our guide work. In any other tour company, our work is very undervalued, with a value well below the market. The guide is not just there to guide you, he has a lot of knowledge of local stories and tradition, in addition to the care and guidance, he gives you at all times. But with PlanetaEXO we are being rewarded and valued. With this partnership with PlanetaEXO, I improved a lot financially, and I managed to finish my house in Vale do Pati. I just have to thank you for this connection.

Ismael (Guiné)

I feel more motivated and connected.

September 19, 2022

Since I started working with PlanetaEXO I realized that the proposal is different from conventional companies. The remuneration for our work and the seriousness and competence in planning and logistics stand out. But in my opinion, the most important thing is to value the guide as a person, not as a mere piece of logistics. The way we are introduced to customers, including the possibility of talking before the walk, is very different from other companies. I feel more motivated and connected.

Pedro (Lençóis)

Thank you for believing in us

September 19, 2022

Planeta EXO began operating in Chapada Diamantina as a local trekking company, sustainably developing local tourism, seeking to be a reference in service and serving as an example for the Chapada Diamantina community. He arrived and showed that it is indeed possible to value the professional leader of tourism.

It is quite common in other companies that the guide feels undervalued, because most of the time, if not all, the partnership is just one-sided. And the guide, one of the main actors in this great scene, is left out of the picture in terms of appreciation.

At EXO, treatment is humanized, the values ​​of a good professional are respected, the daily rate is fair and everyone works happily. Everyone wins without a doubt. The guide for having this appreciation, EXO for having professionals committed to the entire process; the tourist, for having a professional who is happy with the work he is doing.

I wish EXO success on the journey and thank you for believing in us.

Saulo (Vale do Capão)

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