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Includes: Accommodation, Transfer, All Meals, Excursions, English-speaking Guide.


Includes: Accommodation, Transfer, All Meals, Excursions, English-speaking Guide.

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    Customer Reviews

    4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 42 reviews)

    Service of the highest standard

    January 19, 2023

    Everything is simply exceptional. Incredible place of immersion in the nature of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. Decoration and service of the highest standard, very tasty meals, and sensational tours. Special mention to the Biologist and the Guide who accompanied us on the 4 days of tours they did. Unforgettable safari with sightings of jaguars, anteaters, alligators, deer, rheas, and more than 100 species of birds. We strongly recommend it for couples and families with teenagers.

    Joze Candido (Brazil)

    Culturally enriching

    December 24, 2022

    The experience in Jalapão was sensational and culturally enriching! We were able to have experiences close to Jalapão reality with the help of our guide, who took us to a cultural immersion and native cuisine. Our guide not only shared his knowledge about this wonderful place but also adapted our itinerary according to the weather and our needs!

    Beatriz (Brazil)

    The best travel experience we had in Brazil

    December 20, 2022

    We were there in June. Expectations were very high, but they were greatly exceeded. It was the best travel experience we had in Brazil and is second to none for a safari in the Krugger Park in South Africa.

    The facilities are wonderful, the staff is very kind and attentive and the nature is exuberant. Our game rangers were great, we saw jaguars on all our trips, as well as deer, giant anteater, blue macaw, tuiuiu, and much more…Thank you so much for all the fun, attention, and teachings guys! We loved getting to know the Onçafari project, horseback riding with the Pantanal pedestrians, canoeing, and special dinners, which were breathtaking!

    Maria Leticia (Brazil)

    The experience exceeded expectations

    November 25, 2022

    I am not exaggerating. Recommend room #8 (spacious with a verandah facing the river, 1 and 1/2 bathrooms, large “dressing room” for all your stuff, and full bathroom has two showerheads. Almost floor to ceiling windows on two sides. Safari staff is so knowledgeable (they listen and answer and are helpful). Speak English. Safaris are in open heavy duty (think diesel) jeeps, with lots of off road exploration and explanation. Take seriously the need for bug repellent. November mornings were cold enough for 4 layers; days got hot.

    Special dinners were really special (not gonna give anything away here).

    Definitely do Oncafari jaguar tours (we saw 9 jaguars in 3 days) and the hyacinth macaw tour exceeded all expectations. Guides were friendly, knowledgeable, sincere in their preservation mission, the work they are doing is amazing and interesting, experience with them exceeded expectations.

    Ann Smith (United States)

    Jaguar magic and wonderful staff

    November 22, 2022

    We stayed here as a family, and everything was spectacular- the food, the service, the setting, and most importantly the safari tours. I have been on safari in both Africa and India and this beat both of their hands down… the quality of the guides you are getting is extremely unique. You really feel you could be watching a David Attenborough documentary- the guides are supported by the onçafari researchers who manage to get you closer to jaguars in a way I doubt any other hotel could match. Our guide was delightful and extremely knowledgeable- I cannot praise him enough. The staff also put on the most picturesque jungle candlelit dinner AND a traditional pantaneiro churrasco. Don’t think about booking anywhere else if you want to see jaguars… come here! This is a world-class eco-tourism.

    Allymac (China)

    A Very Special Place

    October 28, 2022

    Caiman is a really special place. You are surrounded by the amazing Pantanal flora and fauna and are staying in supremely comfortable accommodations. The food is excellent and they make an excellent G&T at the bar. It is the staff that makes it really special though. The welcome is generous and everything is spotlessly clean. Days are spent on a safari in the morning and another one in the evening. We saw all of the Pantanal’s big 5 (jaguar, capybara, caiman, marsh deer, and giant anteater). Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and his enthusiasm bought everything into close focus. Our driver was also great and fearless when we got stuck in the mud having just spotted a large male jaguar. The add-on Oncafari jaguar tour is also excellent. The guides were a brilliant team. Incredibly exciting to see 2 jaguars up close. Well worth a visit!!

    Samson James (United Kingdom)

    Top of the line

    September 29, 2022

    We had the Savanah extension along with the ten-night Jaguar Safari and they are a must together, lots to learn on both excursions, gorgeous scenery, had a nice snorkel down a spring-fed creek, two actually, surprised to c water so clear in the Pantanal. The views and parrots, Canarys, and predators were a blast to spot and then get the low down from our guide. Could not believe how close we got to the Jaguars on several occasions, saw at least 15 different Jaguars, and many over again, you learn their family tree and relations, why they do what they do, a memorable experience to say the least. Then there’s the food, plan on gaining weight it is so good, thanks again Leen and Andre, Brad and Annie…

    Brad (USA)

    Exceptional, best ever

    September 28, 2022

    This spot is magical . The grounds around the Casa are manicured to perfection and sit around a beautiful pool area. The interiors are all gorgeously decorated as well . The food is beyond superb and healthy and fresh with serious variety . They also have amazing dinners in the bush. Also a full gym and sauna. Animals abound everywhere – even next to your room are macaws and capybaras. We saw jaguar, capybaras, anteaters , tapirs, ocelot and literally an array of amazing and unusual animals . You will absolutely not be disappointed. It’s also worth going on Onçafari as you will get a better an closer experience of tracking jaguars . They also have a hyacinth macaw project to see. A heads up on the vehicles – if you are Akeem photographer you will need to insist on being on the 6 seater vehicle as the q0 makes photography basically impossible. Plus don’t forget mosquito spray !

    Amber D. (South Africa)

    Absolutely magical

    September 28, 2022

    My 12-year-old and I had the most amazing experience at this Eco Hotel. Everything was just perfect, particularly the wonderful guidance. The place is stunning; the staff is super professional; the fact that the projects Onçafari and Arara Azul have headquarters there makes it even more special. We were able to admire the stunning flora and fauna that live in Pantanal; we even saw an exploding meteorite. The staff go out of their way to make all experiences extra special and, again, our biologist and our tracker made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Jaguars are stunning creatures! This place is a MUST; we shall return!

    Sandra Bombita (Spain)

    Way better than the Amazon

    September 19, 2022

    We’ve been on many wildlife and nature adventures in Africa, Patagonia, the Amazon, Iceland, Nepal, Alaska, Costa Rica, Malaysia and numerous others. This ranks as absolutely one of the best. We had many long interactions watching jaguars hunt/kill, mate and fight over prey. Even saw adorable cubs. Additionally, we saw beautiful tropical birds up close and personal – toucans, macaws, parrots plus all the marsh species – herons, egrets, ibis, etc. Leen put together an amazing agenda where we experienced wildlife and landscapes in numerous ecosystems. Our guide Marcos Ardevino was superb – biologist extraordinaire – extremely engaging and informative. The Pantanal is a hidden treasure of Brazil and Pantanal Jaguar Safaris a fabulous way to experience it!

    Barbara (USA)

    Exceeded My Expectations

    September 1, 2022

    Where do I begin? From the moment the guide picked us up at the airport I relaxed, knowing that we were in good hands. He catered not only to our 17-year-old son (an avid photographer who had been researching wildlife in the Pantanal for some time) but also to my husband and me (who were novices, along for the ride). The guide is educated as a biologist, and with years of guiding experience, is extremely knowledgeable about the Pantanal region and wildlife. We learned a great deal from him. More importantly, he helped us find SO MANY amazing animals and guided us in a fun and safe manner. We are so thankful we chose Pantanal Jaguar Safaris for this once in a lifetime trip.

    Michael (New York)

    Magical Stay

    August 28, 2022

    We stayed for 4 nights as a couple at the Baiazinha lodge. Amazing! Due to COVID, we are the only guests at the hotel. Everything was very well taken care of. Super friendly staff, great food and very comfortable lodge, overlooking the lake. What a show of wildlife during the safaris, with 3 jaguar seeings! We loved every minute of it!!!

    Vincent C. (Brazil)