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From BRL 3,502.00 per person

Jalapão State Park – 5 days Circuit

From BRL 3,502.00 per person
Multiple Days
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About the adventure

A life-changing experience. The tour to Jalapão State Park is an opportunity developed for people who are not only content to know paradise places but instead need to experience the destinations where they pass. Living Jalapão is a choice for those who want to get out of the conventional and immerse themselves in the Jalapoeira culture. An experience that will take you to explore the region walking, paddling, and meeting people who have the essence of Jalapão State Park at heart.


An inhospitable place where we are disconnected and isolated to realize the importance of simplicity with every step taken, despite the effort that this itinerary requires of us, we are always rewarded for every drop of sweat spilled. The Jalapão State Park is that. More than just a trip, it is an experience that transcends us and reveals the treasures hidden in the paths, rivers, and lowlands scattered around the corners of our great wilderness. We invite you to surrender to our Cerrado in Jalapão State Park.


jalapão state park

jalapão state park

jalapão state park

jalapão state park

jalapão state park

jalapão state park

jalapão state park


Day by Day


Day 1 - Arrival at Palmas City
Fly into Palmas, the closest airport to Jalapão State Park, where you’ll be met and transferred to your hotel. Check-in and explore this newly built city, only founded in 1990.


Day 2 - Swimming and Sunset Views / Palmas to Jalapão Ecolodge
Total driving time - 5 hours     Total distance walked – 4,5km
Meet your guide in the morning at your hotel and set off by 4x4 towards Jalapão State Park, stopping off at Morro Vermelho, a red sandstone hill with unique rock formations. Arrive at Jalapão Ecolodge, in time for lunch and a refreshing swim in the Soninho River. After plenty of time to relax, hike up the Morro da Catedral for sunset views over the surrounding park. Return to the ecolodge for dinner and a good night's sleep.


jalapão state park


Day 3 - Hike, waterfalls, and rafting / Jalapão Ecolodge - São Félix
Rise early with the sun for a hike on the Garcês trail, originally used by local indigenous people to reach their fields. Arrive at Cachoeira da Velha, the largest waterfall in the park, 100 meters wide and 15 meters high, for a refreshing dip and time to relax. Eat a picnic lunch on one of the golden sandy beaches that line the River Novo and get ready for the adrenaline hit of an afternoon rafting on Class IV rapids.


jalapão state park

jalapão state park


Day 4 - Float in Natural Springs, Visit Local Villages and Sand Dunes / São Felix - Mateiros
Total distance walked – 4km
After breakfast, drive to Fervedouro Bela Vista, one of the most unusual destinations in the park, a series of crystal clear springs that constantly bubble giving you the sensation of floating effortlessly. Continue on to the Formiga Waterfall, where emerald green waters tumble over smooth rocks, forming a perfect natural swimming pool shaded by forest. Stop for a home-cooked lunch at another turquoise spring and enjoy the nearby golden beaches on the River Formiga in Jalapão State Park.


jalapão state park

cachoeira da formiga jalapão


After plenty of time to eat and rest, take a short hike across the Cerrado, or Brazilian savannah, and see where the different colored waters of two rivers, the Formiga and the Soninho, meet. Travel on to Mumbuca village, a small community descended from escaped slaves known for its handicrafts woven from golden grass that only grows in this region – a technique passed down through generations. Afterward, we will go to the dunes of Jalapão, an environment with golden sand surrounded by mountains and Veredas (wet fields). We back to Mateiros City to have our dinner and sleep.


jalapão state park

jalapão state park



Day 5 - Sunrise, Visit Local Villages and Sandstone piece / Mateiros - Ponte Alta
Wake up early for a morning hike to see the sunrise from the top of Espírito Santo Hill, 500 meters high, with views over the surrounding landscape. Travel on to Suçuapara Canyon, carved by water flowing through the sandstone walls for hundreds of years. Stop for lunch and a break from the afternoon sun, before driving on to Pedra Furada hill to climb this huge piece of sandstone carved by wind and rain in time for sunset. Stop for dinner and sleep at Ponte Alta.


jalapão state park

jalapão state park

jalapão state park


Day 6 - Waterfalls and adventure activities / Ponte Alta - Lagoa da Confusão
Let's start our trip with a relaxing day and full of wonders in the District of Palmas, Taquaruçu, a cozy and bucolic place, with hospitable people and several waterfalls with crystal clear waters, the place where remains the springs that supply water to the capital of the state. We will visit the Escorrega Macaco Waterfall (50m high) and the Roncadeira Waterfall (70m). After lunch we go to Lagoa da Confusão city, to see the sunset. The next morning we go find the biggest Fluvial Island in the world, Bananal Island.




Join us on this trip to Jalapão State Park 5-day Circuit. :)


What is included

  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation in a 4X4 vehicle with fuel
  • Accredited English-speaking guide in the Ministry of Tourism
  • Lodging in Jalapão in a double room with breakfast
  • Meals during the expedition 9 meals - lunches and dinners, except drinks)
  • Track snack (cereal bars, biscuits, a mix of nuts and/or dried fruits or similar)
  • Rafting, tracks, and tax of attraction visitation
  • Travel Insurance


What is not included

  • Any items not mentioned above, including a meal in Palmas, and optional tours

What to bring

  • Headlight (preferably for hands-free)
  • Sunglasses
  • Diving goggles (snorkel or swimming goggles)
  • Long-sleeve T-shirt with UV protection
  • Recommended use for trekking pants
  • Comfortable trekking or tennis boots for the trek
  • Mandatory water shoes or hiking sandals (CROCS sandals) for rafting
  • Sunscreen / Repellent
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Light jacket for the cooler nights from May to September (minimum 16 ° C)
  • High temperatures from June to October (so we don't walk in the sunny weather from 10h30min to 14h)
  • Rain cover between October and April (heaviest rainfall between December and March)
  • Hat or cap
  • Flip-flops
  • Photo camera (lenses, memory card, battery)
  • Medicines for personal use and if used please describe
  • Light clothes
  • Bathing suit (swimming)
  • High-absorption sports towel (for walks and trails)
  • Hydration Backpack or Squeeze
  • Attack Backpack (Small backpack up to 20 liters to carry along the trail)
  • Cash for extra purchases (such as alcohol, crafts, and tips),
  • Suggested luggage weighing up to 12kg per person or a 60-liter backpack. Less is more!


Additional Information

  • The itinerary can change due to climate conditions or any factor that the company judges dangerous to the integrity of the group
  • Inform the guide in case of dependence on medicines or health conditions
  • Prices are subject to change at any moment. You must send an inquiry to receive an official offer. Confirmed reservations are not subject to price changes.



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    Customer Reviews

    4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 38 reviews)

    All chosen with great care to provide a unique experience

    March 21, 2023

    Excellent experience in Jalapão: a week of learning with the locals, their traditions, and way of life, in addition to the natural beauties and attractions of the region. Congratulations to our guide and his professionalism, good humor, availability, and permanent encouragement to the group, which allowed the trip to be fully enjoyed. I thank the company for the service provided, with clarity and practicality from the first contact. Itinerary (with trails and rafting), transfers, transport, trails, accommodation, meals, attractions/activities/tours – all chosen with great care to provide a unique experience to the visitor who wants to know Jalapão in its fullness.

    João (Brazil)

    Very transformative in personal terms

    March 20, 2023

    I just got back from Jalapão. It was an incredible experience. A true immersion in nature and community. Very transformative in personal terms, mainly, to get out of my comfort zone. And what to say about the guide…….an amazing person with a huge heart.

    Debora (Brazil)

    An immersion that rescues us what is really worth it

    March 19, 2023

    The experience of getting to know the traditional Jalapão, the people who are part of it, the smells, flavors, sensations… an immersion that rescues us what is really worth it. Stunning natural beauty, excellent accommodation, personal challenge, jungle bath, nature bath. I recommend it to everyone who wants to connect with nature, here people still challenge themselves in an adventurous place 🙂 Itinerary out of common sense, personalized experience. We joked that the entire Jalapao was reserved just for our group!

    Stafania (Brazil)

    Excellent company

    March 4, 2023

    Excellent company, with local guides who know the region very well and go far beyond the stunning scenery. They are hospitable, they teach us about culture and nature with the wisdom of those who belong and respect the place where they live. Thank you for the experience and I highly recommend it.

    Bianca (Brazil)

    I loved the experience

    March 4, 2023

    I loved the experience, but what I liked the most was the Fervedouros! I loved them! I don’t know how to swim and I managed to enjoy it a lot!

    Carla Castro (Brazil)

    Our guide was very attentive, and careful, he has in his essence a love for the place

    February 21, 2023

    I lived unforgettable days in jalapão, our guide was very attentive, and careful, he has in his essence a love for the place, and that’s why he was able to show us the places in a special way. The inns where I stayed are very cozy and clean. The route is long, and the roads are a little bumpy but they use the right car so it’s easy. If there is something I can say is that this whole experience is so worth it, the place is too beautiful.

    Isabel Dantas (Brazil)

    It was wonderful and unforgettable!

    February 13, 2023

    The expedition was perfect. We really enjoyed all days of the trip. It was wonderful and unforgettable! The guides are very experienced, attentive, and friendly. I highly recommend it.

    Daniela Roxo (Brazil)

    They have the proposal to promote integration with the natives of the region

    February 12, 2023

    It was an incredible experience provided to us. Far beyond the tours, they have the proposal to promote integration with the natives of the region. All of them are excellent guides, from describing the cerrado ecosystem to the best way to enjoy each attraction, always focusing on people’s safety. The inns we stayed at during the course were generally very good.

    Luciano Santos (Brazil)

    They do their best to deliver a unique experience!

    February 9, 2023

    We had an excellent experience! From the first WhatsApp contact until the end of the trip with the guides. I strongly recommend the company, they are distinguished professionals who love the region and do their best to deliver a unique experience!

    Nathalia Batista (Brazil)

    The program is unique

    January 20, 2023

    The experience was simply wonderful! From the beginning of the contact, they gave us the maximum attention, we had 2 calls to clarify doubts, details of the itinerary, and much more. The way they organize the script is unique. I had exclusive experiences, wonderful climbs, and views, I wasn’t in a hurry, and I spent an hour enjoying each boiler, it was all wonderful. The interaction with the local people is another unique point of the visit! We learned a lot from them. The food and the lodges are incredible. And of course, the guide was just sensational! I recommend 1000%

    Milena (Brazil)

    Punctuality, kindness, cordiality, everything perfect

    January 13, 2023

    I loved traveling with the company, punctuality, kindness, cordiality, everything perfect. At the last minute, I needed to take my 82-year-old mother and a specific schedule was made for her in a car so that I could take all the trips in another car with my husband. The team was very creative and my mother came back happy. My husband and I did the tours with a guide that we love. I strongly recommend

    Patricia (Brazil)

    Professional company

    January 3, 2023

    A professional company committed to responsible tourism. Great experience and highly recommendable. A highlight for the guides who are great.

    Paulo (Brazil)

    Culturally enriching

    December 24, 2022

    The experience in Jalapão was sensational and culturally enriching! We were able to have experiences close to Jalapão reality with the help of our guide, who took us to a cultural immersion and native cuisine. Our guide not only shared his knowledge about this wonderful place but also adapted our itinerary according to the weather and our needs!

    Beatriz (Brazil)

    The company killed it!

    December 24, 2022

    The travel was wonderful! A lot of organization, punctuality, and care with the characteristics and needs of each one of the group. The guide made the trip different, because, in addition to special moments in Jalapão and its unique beauty, he presented us with native culture, whether from the life of the regional people or with important knowledge about the cerrado, its fauna, and flora. I had fun and learned a lot. Unmissable! The company killed it!

    Cynara Coppola (Brazil)

    We came back without wanting to

    December 20, 2022

    All the tours were great, it’s hard to say which one was better, but the experience was increasing as the days went by, very satisfied with the schedule, accommodation, transport which was very good, and especially with our Guide, a very lively guy , took care of us, very attentive, patient, a professional, we came back without wanting to.

    Sergio Riquelme (Brazil)

    Without a doubt, my best trip of its kind

    December 20, 2022

    Without a doubt, my best trip of its kind. The landscapes, the script, the organization. Even the rain couldn’t stop it. A strong point of the trip: the concept of sustainable tourism with the integration of the local community into the tourist itinerary. The guides’ concern is to keep the place preserved. Respect for the residents of the region. Weak point: experiencing firsthand the unwillingness of politicians to give the bare minimum in terms of health and infrastructure for the region’s population. Getting sick or having an accident in Jalapão can cost you your life or a limb. About the organization, I only have praise. All partners were great with us. Our guide, a special being, is always very concerned. He rushed to help us, knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the place and gave us lessons. We will certainly return, perhaps on another version of the tour, with even more adventures and in a less rainy season, although it did not disturb us at all, on the contrary, fewer people, and more tranquility.

    Selma Riquelme (Brazil)

    Surpassed the expectation

    December 19, 2022

    A trip that surpassed the expectation. The trails and visits to quilombola communities were highlights of the trip. Highlight for the duo who guided us with excellence.

    Matthieu Péluchon (Brazil)

    Exceeded my expectations

    November 22, 2022

    Getting to know Jalapão with you made all the difference and the guide that accompanied us made the experience indescribable. Patient, welcoming, careful and knowledgeable about the wonders of Jalapão.

    The itinerary was perfect during these days and the accommodations exceeded my expectations…

    Simone Sena (Brazil)

    We had an amazing time!

    November 14, 2022

    The trip was incredible. Really well organized, and customized to our needs and itinerary. We had an amazing time, learned so much about Jalapão, and had a lot of fun. Our guide was so knowledgable and had always time on eye so we were not late and could really enjoy the four days.

    Kathrin Moosmann (Germany)

    Everything was sensational

    November 13, 2022

    I loved getting to know the communities, the local culture, the simple and very homemade cuisine, the Fervedouros, the welcoming people, and the best guides in Jalapão!!!

    Everything was sensational, from the arrival in Palmas to our stay in Tocantins. It was worth it all!!! Super recommend!!!

    Mirian Teshima (Brazil)

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