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From BRL 2,200.00 per person

Diving Liveaboard Abrolhos

From BRL 2,200.00 per person
National Marine Park
Meals Included
Group Size 1-12
Equipment Included
About the adventure


Experience this diving liveaboard in Abrolhos! Embark to the high sea on this adventure in the Abrolhos Archipelago and exploring its 5 islands of volcanic origin, home to the greatest marine biodiversity in the South Atlantic. A paradise of crystal clear waters, Abrolhos has the best conditions for diving, both contemplative and exploration, a mandatory destination for any diver and lover of marine life.


First National Marine Park in Brazil, Abrolhos has 15 km of coral on its coast and, during the winter, it is a passageway for humpback whales, which present us with a show of jumping with their calves. Much more than a trip, this experience brings together days of immersion in nature on a comfortable catamaran, many dives, stand-ups paddle, whale watching, and the abundant seabirds, with a lot of sunbathing and tasting the tasty Bahian food prepared by the crew. 


Come and dive into this exclusive adventure and feel all the energy of the sea in Bahia.



Marine Life

Abrolhos is home to one of the largest concentrations of fish per square meter on the planet, in quantity and variety, where it is possible to find unique corals (such as the brain coral Mussismilia braziliensis), turtles, dolphins, seahorses, and many other marine species at any time of the year. In addition, it is possible to dive to explore underwater caves and 3 shipwrecks open to visitors, the Guadiana, the Santa Catharina, and the Rosalinda, the latter sunk in 1955 with a load of cement and beer.







If in the summer the visibility of the water for diving is better, reaching up to 30 meters deep, in the winter we can observe the spectacle of humpback whales, which migrate from the cold waters of the pole to have their young and breastfeed them in the warm and protected waters of Abrolhos, during the months of July to October. Abrolhos is also a nursery for turtles and seabirds, which appear to build their nests here.




diving liveaboard abrolhos




Liveaboard and Diving Abrolhos

Staying a few days aboard in this paradise is the best immersion you can experience in the marine life in Abrolhos. Without having to return to the mainland and without internet and telephone signals, you will only experience nature in the purest possible way. Immerse yourself in aquatic life on incredible days of day and night dives, sunset stand-up paddle tours, and contemplation of humpback whales and other animals in the National Park.



Your accommodation will be on a safe and comfortable catamaran that will make your crossing to the Archipelago, serving aboard the delicious cuisine of Bahia. With a capacity for 12 people (2 suites and 3 double cabins) and with independent bathrooms, this catamaran carries all the necessary equipment for diving operations, respecting all safety standards with material regularly reviewed and tested, and operated by qualified personnel. *See below for the complete list of equipment on board.


Day by day 

At sea, the day starts early! Before sunrise, we will be awake to enjoy sunny days and marine life. After breakfast we will start our sequence of diving practices in Abrolhos, always looking for the best places of visibility and animals in the two large blocks of coral reefs: Parcel dos Abrolhos and Recife das Timbebas.


Strategic breaks will be made for rest, lunch, and dinner on the deck of the boat. At night, we will prepare for the night dives in Abrolhos to observe marine life in the moonlight, when other species appear.


diving liveaboard abrolhos



It will be 3 days and 2 nights in an itinerary that will explore the 5 islands of the Archipelago by sea, with 8 diving practices in Abrolhos during the experience, 6 of them during the day and 2 at night*.


We will stop at Santa Bárbara Island and Siriba Island (the only ones allowed for visitation) and walk along the land trails to visit the Abrolhos Lighthouse and observe seabirds, such as the red-billed grazina, the white and brown boobies, the frigatebirds, beneditos, among others, who create communities in Abrolhos due to abundant food.





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Humpback Whales in Abrolhos

More than 20,000 whales pass in Abrolhos during the winter season, a true spectacle of nature for those who enjoy watching the animals in their natural habitat. That's why this region is also known as Costa das Baleias, being the main nursery for humpback whales in the South Atlantic. They spend about 4 months feeding in this region before returning to Antarctica.


Always accompanied by their babies, the humpback whales in Abrolhos get very close to the boats and seem to like to show off in monumental jumps, flips, and stops with their tails exposed. These mammals can reach 16 meters in length and weigh 40 tons. From a distance, they appear slow and docile, but it is when they jump out of the water that their potency is revealed.


diving liveaboard abrolhos



In addition to humpback whales, other cetaceans are seen in the waters, such as rough-toothed dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and gray botos, as well as the southern right whale and the minke whale.


To ensure the animals' well-being and avoid the risk of accidents, Brazilian legislation prohibits diving with whales and dolphins. The minimum distance of 50 meters from animals must be respected.


About Abrolhos

"Abra os olhos" (“Open your eyes”), wrote the Portuguese navigators on the nautical charts bound for Abrolhos, on the south coast of Bahia, to warn vessels about the 15 km of coral formation on the coast. What was dangerous once, is now considered one of the most beautiful ecotourism routes and the first National Marine Park in Brazil.






Since 1983, Abrolhos has been an environmental preservation unit, covering 87,943 hectares, organized by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICM-Bio). A survey of the region's biodiversity recorded approximately 1,300 species, 45 of which are considered endangered, arousing great curiosity for Charles Darwin and other scientists and distinguished navigators such as Amerigo Vespucci, who have already been to the site.





Adventure yourself in this diving liveaboard in Abrolhos.


The program may suffer due to weather conditions or whatever the dangerous judgment for the group factor.


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What is included

  • Stateroom with Suite and Common Staterooms;
  • All meals and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Social area equipped with snorkel, kayak, standup, and support boat;
  • Guided Trail on Santa Bárbara island and visit the lighthouse of Abrolhos and Ilha da Siriba;
  • Dives guided by an ICMBio accredited instructor;
  • Onboard cylinder recharge.


What is not included

  • Air tickets;
  • Accommodation before departure/after arrival;


*Requirements & Additional Information

  • A diver is required to have basic certification for dives with SCUBA equipment. Without certification, a diving baptism can be performed accompanied by an instructor (no need to know how to swim or have experience) -  Value apart from the package.
  • A limited number of people - check availability.
  • Lead Ballast and Cylinder are available - other necessary equipment can be rented from the operator.


On-board equipment

  • Cylinder refills;
  • Full crew with Master, Sailor and Cook;
  • Diving Staff with Instructors;
  • Living room with TV and DVD;
  • Women's and Men's Bathrooms;
  • All meals served on board;
  • Lifeboat - inflatable;
  • Life jackets;
  • Oxygen for 1st aid and 1st aid kit;
  • 2 Generators / Energy 110V- Storage Capacity of 3500L of water;
  • All electronic equipment for navigation on the high seas;
  • Kayak and Stand up



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    Customer Reviews

    5 out of 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)

    Worth every penny spent!!!

    October 10, 2022

    After everyone is on board, we are introduced to the crew of the boat [excellent] before sailing to the Abrolhos archipelago where we will stop at Siriba Island and we can go diving. Note that on this tour the whales are not the focus, but they are on the route, and this year we saw so many that we didn’t know where to look and photograph them. And our captain always stopped by. What a spectacle of nature! In the schedule, there is an estimated time of return, but with the number of whales, we arrived at the pier after hours, all amazed. Worth every penny spent!!!

    Maria Oliveira (Brazil)

    A mega happy and excited crowd

    September 18, 2022

    We ended a successful Abrolhos Expedition. Between the sun, strong wind, clean water, cloudy water, shipwrecks, whales, lots of fun, and a mega happy and excited crowd. Special thanks to the whole team, always sensational, and attentive as always.

    Dudu Mergulho (Brazil)

    Amazing night animals!

    August 20, 2022

    The night creatures were amazing in our night dive at Abrolhos.

    Ary Amarante (Brazil)

    Dive deep into yourself

    August 12, 2022

    BREAK. To breathe, to feel, to be, to dive deep into yourself, and into life. Pause to observe. To be alone, and to be accompanied: by people, non-human beings, thoughts, ideas and ideals – some that no longer serve! Breathe, reflect, let go, and sow the new. All over again.

    Juliana Mota (Brazil)

    What a wonderful place!

    August 6, 2022

    Happiness is the best smile filter there is! 3 days on this liveaboard totaling 7 dives, many stories to tell, and I will definitely take new friendships in my heart! What a vacation delight! What a wonderful place! What sensations! What companies! What wonderful people!

    Juliana Olivares (Brazil)

    A sensational experience!

    May 13, 2022

    A sensational experience!!! Natural Wealth of Brazil. Thank you team!

    Adriana Miguel (Brazil)

    The experience was amazing!

    January 30, 2022

    Abrolhos was a dream for me! 💙 By the way, if there’s something “good” about this pandemic, it’s that I gave you the chance to visit places in Brazil that were on the list waiting for opportunities! The experience was amazing from the start, the team was perfect! The guides did everything to make the days unforgettable. We already have plans to return. Swimming with stingrays, turtles, and thousands of fish, walking among the birds, and all this without them feeling threatened or unsafe. Discover an island cared for by the navy, in the middle of nowhere! This relationship of respect for nature is very cool to see.

    Pri Lima (Brazil)

    The night dives were fantastic!

    January 6, 2022

    Onto the liveaboard and dives. The trip to the islands was smooth, the crew was very attentive, the boat was kept spotless and we always had something wonderful to eat. The diving was fun, the guide was easy to get along with and knowledgeable about the area. There was one thing I was concerned about during our dives, the guide put all divers in a compromising position by guiding divers without the necessary training and certifications in penetration/overhead diving. I was extremely uncomfortable and my buddy and I chose to go over the wreck instead of through it, thereby separating us from our group several times. To be clear, the guide did not pressure us into entering the wrecks. The night dives were fantastic! We dove shallow and stayed near the reef where we were able to see an abundance of sea life, the night dives were the best dives. We had some free time to snorkel and I greatly enjoyed that. We also visited one of the small islands (Ilha da Siriba) to learn about the birds. Put on plenty of sunscreens because there is no shade during the island visits. We also went to the island (Santa Barbara) with the lighthouse for the sunset.

    Jessica Daggit (United States)

    Brazil has wonderful places!

    November 22, 2021

    The dream of getting to know the archipelago and diving in Abrolhos was old… and finally it worked! 😃 Brazil has wonderful places and this was one of the ones that had been on the list for a while! Thank you to the entire team for helping me accomplish this!

    Daniel Thompson (Brazil)

    The crew made Abrolhos an unforgettable dream

    October 6, 2021

    I did a lot of research before booking the liveaboard and I certainly couldn’t have chosen a better company. We spent 3 days experiencing the best of Abrolhos, the team was very well prepared to carry out all the dives. The crew received us very well and made Abrolhos an unforgettable dream, they made all the difference in this experience.

    We had the complete package: lots of laughs, good conversations, delicious food, a view of paradise, sensational dives, and the icing on the cake, the long-awaited Humpback whales that the team managed to find with great effort.

    Fernando Fu

    I overcame my fear of diving

    September 21, 2021

    Today I’m tired, but very happy, I overcame my fear of diving, I survived almost twelve hours with virtually no cell phone or Internet signal 😱 every now and then you have to take a break and connect with nature is what it’s all about better in ourselves. I can guarantee that as much as it is a little tiring in the end, you realize that it was worth it 🤗 I thank God first and everyone who provided this great privilege.

    Taninha Duarte (Brazil)

    Truly a great experience

    January 6, 2021

    This event was the best experience of our whole Bahia tour. Started at the agency to test the gear and then of to the boat. It took a bit more than three hours to get there. It was well worth the trip. During the trip the was food and something to drink all the time, so you don’t need to provide your own. The same was valid for the return trip. We had fantastic weather and a calm sea. For quite some time you could see to the horizon in 360 degrees. We saw a lot of fish and some were more than half a meter big. We could easily see 20 meters when diving and everything was amazing. There we could swim along with sea turtles, truly a great experience. Personal on board was very professional and service minded. The boat was in great shape. This was for sure the best day we had on our Bahia tour and one of the best vacation days ever.

    Hakan (United Arab Emirates)


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