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From BRL 2,070.00 per person

Crossing Vale do Pati – Guiné to Andaraí – 5 days

From BRL 2,070.00 per person
Level: Challenging
Accomodation Included
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About the adventure

The Crossing Vale do Pati is considered by many to be the most beautiful trekking in Brazil, a protected area in the Chapada de Diamantina National Park. During these 5 days, you will enjoy beautiful mountains, caves, plains, and waterfalls. A valley with preserved fauna and flora is ideal for those who like a good adventure with comfort and exuberant and breathtaking nature. Starting from the city of Guiné and finishing in Andaraí, this is the traditional route of the Crossing Vale do Pati.


Vale do Pati is also home to a few families that offer their homes as a support point for guides and visitors, who enjoy their warmth and hospitality and their homemade food prepared on a wood stove. A simple accommodation, with comfortable bathrooms and beds, perfect after a long day of hiking.


With different levels of difficulty, the crossing Vale do Pati, can be done by all ages and personalized according to the interests of each group. In addition to the help of guides, support porters or mules can be hired to assist in the weight of the backpacks.


Come live this unique adventure at Vale do Pati for 5 days.



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The itinerary can change due to climate conditions or any factor that the host judges dangerous to the integrity of the group

Day 1 - Cachoeirão upper view and Pati lookout 
Duration: 8hrs | Distance: 17km
Welcome to Chapada Diamantina! Today we will start the journey of one of the most impressive treks in Brazil, the Trekking Vale do Pati for 5 days. A transfer will take us to the village of Guiné, the starting point for this adventure. We will do a briefing of the trip, giving instructions, demonstrating practices with minimal impact, and checking trail equipment.


Trekking Vale do Pati 4 days Chapada Diamantina



We will begin the trekking in Vale do Pati with a steep climb of Aleixo for 1 hour enjoying a beautiful view of the mountains. After a walk between plains, streams, and mountains, we will arrive at Vale do Pati lookout, one of the postcards of Vale do Pati, which presents visitors with a breathtaking panoramic landscape.




Then, we will continue our walk until reach Cachoeirão, with a spectacular view of almost 260 meters with another beautiful view of the valley above. In times of rain, its walls impress with the formation of more than 20 waterfalls, making this place even more magical.





Contemplating the landscapes on the way, we will continue hiking to the home of one of the families, at Igrejinha (little church) where we rest after a hearty and delicious homemade dinner typical of the region prepared with wood fire. Hosted by the hosts João and Marinete, the small and symbolic church of the Valley is next to it, considered one of the attractions of Pati. The same has been and still is important for the community, it has already held masses, baptisms, religious parties, and weddings.


Igrejinha Trekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina



Day 2 - Morro do Castelo and Funis Waterfall
Duration: 7hrs | Distance: 8km
The song of the birds announces the beginning of another special day of this adventure. The itinerary of the day is to climb Morro do Castelo. Along a steep 2-hour trail, we will cross a beautiful forest until we reach a majestic cave. We will cross the cave from the inside with a flashlight until we reach the top of the castle overlooking the entire Pati Valley. After some time contemplating all the beauty and grandeur of the place, we descend back to the valley.





After a 2-hour trail, we will enjoy the Cachoeira dos Funis, over 30 meters high, and a natural pool perfect for cooling off and recharging. We will have a picnic break before we leave for our homestay, following a beautiful trail contemplating the sunset turning the mountains into gold, crossing rivers and untouched forest.


Funis Waterfall Trekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina


Trekking Vale do Pati 4 days Chapada Diamantina



On this second night, we will rest at Sr. Wilson's house. He was the first to receive tourists in 1997, becoming a reference in Vale do Pati for its hospitality and delicious dinners. Today commanded by the sons Nara and Wilton.




Day 3 - Calixto Waterfall and Poço da Árvore
Duration: 7hrs | Distance: 12km
What a wonderful feeling is waking up at Vale do Pati! After a well-deserved night of rest, we will have a full coffee preparing for the challenge of the day: the Calixto Forest trail. One of the few places in Chapada where remnants of the Atlantic Forest can be seen. Lots of adventure in the ascents and descents surrounded by huge trees and rocks full of life. In the forest, you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful Cachoeira do Calixto, with 40 meters.



Isael Anjos




We will follow the trail through the beautiful gorges of Vale do Pati, until we stop at the beautiful Poço da Árvore where we have lunch, rest and refresh ourselves in its waterfall and pool.



Tree Pool Trekking Vale do Pati Chapada Diamantina



At the end of the day, we will contemplate the sunset heading to Mr. Jailson's house, known as Prefeitura (Town Hall) where we will sleep and enjoy a delicious dinner. The house is commanded by hosts Jailson and Maria, and has that name because in the place where the city hall of the Valley used to work.


Day 4 - Cachoeirão river valley
Duration: 7hrs | Distance: 9km
After breakfast, we will start the trek around 8 am and go towards one of the most beautiful and well-preserved places in Vale do Pati. With ascents and descents along the banks of the Pati River surrounded by majestic canyons, the walk to reach the bottom of Cachoeirão is very challenging and very worth it.






At our homestay, we will enjoy again a delicious dinner prepared by Mr. Eduardo's family, one of the Pati host family and say goodbye to the starry sky on the last night at Vale do Pati.


Night Sky Trekking Vale do Pati 4 days Chapada Diamantina



Day 5 - Ladeira do Império and arrivel in Andaraí
Duration: 6hrs | Distance: 12km
Enjoy the last moments in this enchanted valley! After a hearty breakfast and saying goodbye to the host at the homestay, we start the day with a hike up the Ladeira do Império. After a stop for a picnic, we will follow our trail until we arrive in Andaraí around 2:00 pm, ending this Crossing Vale do Pati with renewed energies and happy to have lived such an adventure!





Join us in this Crossing Vale do Pati and experience an adventure for a lifetime.

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Level: Moderate

Total Distance of 70 km in 5 days. This trekking is recommended for those who are in good physical condition to face some challenges: steep climbs and descents, taking off shoes to cross rivers, climbing over some rocks, and walking long distances.

Price for trekking Vale do Pati 5 days

Starts from R$ 2.070,00 per person, depending on the number of people in the group, car transfer logistics, and availability.


What is included?

  • Experienced local guide for 5 days
  • 4 nights with a family with breakfast and dinner.
  • Transfer to the start of the trek from Palmeiras, Vale do Capão or Lençóis
  • 5 picnic lunches during the trek.
  • Travel insurance

What is NOT included?

  • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day
  • Drinks or anything else sold during the activity

What to bring to the trekking Vale do Pati?

  • Backpack of at least 40L
  • Trekking boots or appropriate shoes
  • 1.5l water bottle or Camelbak
  • Sweatshirt and pants for the night, as it can get cold at night in the Pati Valley
  • Bermuda / shorts
  • T-shirts 1 UV-protected t-shirt (optional)
  • 1 pair of sandals/slippers
  • At least 3 pairs of socks
  • Swimwear
  • Headlamp + extra batteries
  • Hat / Cap for protection Sun

How to get to Trekking Vale do Pati

Vale do Pati is a protected area in the Chapada de Diamantina National Park.The most common entry point of the trek is from the village of Guiné and Vale do Capão. A transfer can pick you up cities of Palmeiras, Vale do Capão, and Lençóis. See how to get to Chapada Diamantina here.




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    • Kelly and Cedric (Belgium)
      Jan 31, 2020
      "5 day trek in the Valley was amazing!"
      Our guide Eric, who spoke English fluently, has clearly lots of experience, knows the locals and is very flexible in adjusting the schedule, if needed. He led us to the most amazing views and gave us enough room and time to enjoy nature at our own pace. We really enjoyed our time in the Valley with him and would highly recommend both the trip, as well as our friendly guide to anyone who is seeking for some nature exploring.

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