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From BRL 7,300.00 per person

Climbing Mount Roraima Hike

From BRL 7,300.00 per person
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About the adventure

The Mount Roraima hike is like no other. The place is a living sanctuary of human history, unique and impressive at the same time, a life-changing experience with many mysterious backdrops. Straddling the triple border between Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana, Mount Roraima is a perfect destination for adventurous travelers. And among so many wonders, we come across the natural jacuzzis. A special and magical place, with several pools of crystalline and clean water, with the bottom lined with crystals, and energy-channeling stones. A dip here is literally a therapeutic bath of positivity and vitality.


Mount Roraima Hike



Under the gaze of the immense tepuys, the Earth evolved, changed, moved, sculpted beaches, mountains, and deserts, displaced men, and imposed challenges. Anonymous and eternal witness of this trajectory, the Monte Roraima hike is a magical place where silence emits sounds, stones move, and life travels in a breath of wind.


Allow yourself to be conquered by these mountains and live an unforgettable adventure.




Day by day

Day 1

It will be the day of the briefing where everyone will get to know each other, learn the latest guidelines, and then enjoy the beautiful view of the BR 174 to the border with Venezuela, where customs procedures will be carried out to prepare us for the trekking to Mount Roraima top, and then overnight in S. Elena de Uairén.


Day 2 and 3

We will immerse ourselves in the stunning scenery of the Gran Sabana until we reach the Community of Paraitepuy, and from there, enjoy trekking to the campsites on the banks of the Tek or Kukenan River for an overnight stay in a tent, under a starry sky. At dawn, Mount Roraima appears ahead, inviting you for another day of trekking. In the afternoon, everyone will be accommodated at the base, dazzled by the grandeur of the wall. The base camp is breathtaking, the giant seawall doesn't translate into words.



Cadu Tavares


Cadu Tavares


Day 4

The path from the bottom to Mount Roraima's top is different from all others. One of the most beautiful moments of trekking, with stops along the way for photos, rest, contemplation of the landscape, and several gardens with bromeliads, many orchids, and small birds. You pass through several streams and under the waterfall in the “Paso das Lágrimas”. As you approach the top, you will be observed by the Makunaima Monument, welcoming visitors. Upon arrival at the top, you will be “welcomed” by the “Guardians of the Mountain”, three huge blocks of stones that are shaped like “watchers”.


Cadu Tavares




Day 5 and 6

There will be two days of total immersion at the top of Mount Roraima in Venezuela, highlighting the Valley of Crystals. A place is full of outcrops in various parts of the path. The valley itself brings the sensation of the Macro and the Micro, the extremes, the surreal, the cosmic, and the inexplicable. The energy of this place is not translated into words, but into sighs, sounds, silences, reflections, and silent observations. After a brief passage through Triple Point, the next stop will be El Foso. A place that awakens the child in everyone. There you will understand the reason of this expression.



Cadu Tavares


Cadu Tavares


The dazzling is complete with the crystal jacuzzis, with therapeutic baths perfect to energize the body and soul. In addition to the Mirante La Ventana, where it is possible to admire the majesty of Mount Kukenan (Father of the Winds), with its various waterfalls, and to see the immense valley of forests that is between the two tepuys. The images are breathtaking, it is a true window overlooking paradise, an appropriate moment to calm down and let the breeze touch us. And finally, the trip to Pedra Maverick (the highest point of Mount Roraima, with 2875 mt), from where you can see the vastness of the Gran Sabana (including the entire trail that was made to reach the base).





Day 7 and 8

It will be two days back. After all, nostalgia and precocious longing will run through your mind and skin, and each look, in each step, will be a sincere “Goodbye”, or “See you next time”, or simply: “gratitude for everything” that has been lived these days. The trekking to Mount Roraima top we organize is like this, no one comes back the same way they went. At the farewell, the strong and affectionate hug involves everyone: visitors, natives, guides, and those who are supported. It is an exciting and very memorable experience!




Cadu Tavares


Adventure yourself at Climbing Mount Roraima Hike!


What is included

  • Land transport from Boa Vista to the Paraitepuy Indigenous Community - round trip;
  • Accommodation in Santa Elena de Uairén in double apartments – 01 night;
  • Full board from Santa Elena de Uairén;
  • Collective camping gear: tents, kitchen equipment, cookware, plates, glasses, and cutlery;
  • Logistics staff;
  • Trail guide;
  • First aid kit;

What is not included

  • Flight tickets;
  • Travel and rescue insurance in remote areas;
  • Receptive in/out;
  • Accommodation and meals in Boa Vista (we can indicate good options);
  • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, thermal insulation, inflatable mattress, cargo or attack backpack, exclusive tent);
  • Personal charger.
  • Insurance is mandatory for each traveler, however, the Insurer is free to choose, as long as it covers the risks of this activity. We recommend Global Travel Assistance (GTA). The BRONZE option is the modality that includes the expeditions to Mount Roraima).

Additional Information

  • It is extremely necessary to have a sleeping bag and thermal insulation or mattress.
  • The level of difficulty of this trekking is considered from medium to difficult, because the walk is carried out in rough terrain, with altitudes below 3,000 meters, without climatic adaptation and the use of vertical techniques. This activity is possible for most people, but it is necessary to be aware that the reality of the trail is quite tiring, and physical wear and tear is guaranteed.
  • Documents required for access to the Park:
    -Brazilians: All you need is the original ID (not valid CNH) and the International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever, 10 days before the trip. We also recommend bringing a valid Passport, if you have one.
    -Foreigners: Passport duly accompanied by the International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever, 10 days before the trip. Some nationalities need to apply for an entry visa in advance.
    -Minors: Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with proper authorization.
  • Camping accommodation is for 02 people per tent; in case you want an individual tent, you must add extra value to the package (R$ 450.00) or you can bring your own tent, and it can be carried by our support team, no additional cost.
  • If the traveler is interested in a trail snack, to eat during the walk, he must bring and carry it.
  • Regarding extra luggage, which will not be used during the expedition, we recommend leaving it in the luggage room of the hotel where the traveler will be staying before the start of the tour.
  • Collective equipment carriers are responsible for carrying camping, cooking, and food logistics. Travelers are responsible for bringing their backpacks and personal items (sleeping bags, thermal insulation, mattress).
  • If you want a personal porter, the value is U$ 210.00 for every day of the expedition to be paid personally to the porter, in addition to the amount of R$ 500.00 that corresponds to the food supplement for this porter, as well as his transport. The charger reservation must be made in advance when contracting the experience. Limit of 15 kg per person.


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    Customer Reviews

    5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

    Majestic Mount Roraima

    October 19, 2021

    One of the greatest adventures of my life!!! It was 7 intense days and full of surprises. Breathtaking landscapes and topography unlike anything ever seen.

    Eva Lopes Lima

    Beautiful adventure

    February 16, 2020

    The place is beautiful, but it is very important to be with a tourist agency. The support of the guides is essential.

    Juliana Evangelista

    One of the best mountain trips I've done

    February 16, 2020

    Mount Roraima is not for beginners. To go up to it and visit the attractions, you need to be in good physical condition and hire a good guide who will organize the trip, hire porters and staff who will take the tents, and make your food as well. I went with the company of an experienced guide. The place is wonderful, with different fauna and geography. A unique place on the planet.

    Stefano MTB


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