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From BRL 3,690.00 per person

10 days Circuit Magic Makunaima in Mount Roraima

From BRL 3,690.00 per person
Multiple Days
Accomodation Included
Meals Included
Vegeterian Friendly
Level 4
Group Size 6-10
About the adventure

As much as they walk on top of Roraima MONTE, two things make us uneasy:


a) That elusive place: its forms, its sounds, its silences, its mists. How many stones, how much water, that immensity is the one that seems to have stopped in time? The more you walk, the more you have to discover and actually, there are still many places at the top that were even trampled by man


b) This mountain seems to be alive, awakens dormant feelings, elevates the soul to SUPREME BEING who inhabits each of us, making rethinking values, making every person more strong and fragile at the same time.


The reflections come naturally even the most skeptical of travelers, especially those who stay more days at the top. This package called CIRCUIT MAGIC Makunaíma, there is the possibility to meet all possible attractions to visitors at the top of the mountain. Forget all forms of definition, only the eyes and soul will know to explain.

Day by day


Day 1 - 86m Boa Vista / Santa Elena de Uairen (Venezuela) 900m
Briefing at 08h30 at the Hotel Plaza Aipana. Participation in the briefing is mandatory. Boa Vista output to 13.30, the place of pick up will be at the Hotel Plaza Aipana, to Santa Elena de Uairen (220km), with arrival scheduled for 18:00 at the hotel in Santa Elena de Uairen. Free evening in Santa Elena de Uairen. Dinner and overnight. Temperature: 25 ° C approximately.


Day 2 - Santa Elena de Uairen / Indigenous Community Paraitepuy 1300m / 1100m First camp
Breakfast and departure to Paraitepuy (100km) around 08:00. Distribution and weighing luggage to start the trekking. Walking Time expected in 05 hours to the camp in Kukenan River, a 16km path. Set up camp, recognition of the area, photos, rest, and some thoughts about the next day's trekking. Dinner and overnight. Temperature: 25 ° C approximately.

Monte Roraima dia 2


Day 3 - Rio Kukenan / Base Mount Roraima - 1850m
Breakfast and departure around 08:00 towards the mountain's base. 07km route to walk between 4:05 hours. Although the route is smaller, the effort will be much higher due to a 70% rise. On arrival, we set up camp and eating, taking a bath in cold water, recognition of the area for photos, meditation, and information about the next day. Dinner and overnight. Temperature: 20 ° C approximately.

Rio monte Roraima


Day 4 - Base of Mount Roraima / Top 2734m
Breakfast and departure at 08h00 to the top. The track about 4.5km lasting between 4:05 hours of climbing. This will be one of the nicest moments of the trek, with stops along the way for photos, rest, landscape contemplation, flowers like orchids of various species, and small birds. One passes through several streams and under a waterfall. Shortstop to catch his breath, gather the group and go to the location of the camp. Afternoon rest. Dinner and overnight. First night on top. The temperature at top: 10 ° C during the day, 05ºC at night and maybe ZERO, if it rains.

Monte Roraima topo


Day 5 - Valley of the Crystals / Triple Point / Camping Coati - Brazilian side
Breakfast and departure for the Valley of the Crystals and Triple Point, a journey of 04 hours walk. At this point, everyone to relax, grab a bite and take pictures. Soon after, heading to the camp called Hotel Coati, 40 minutes away.


The hike on this day will be 15km or so. The coati is an enigmatic, mysterious and charming place, located between two huge rocks, where there is an entrance like a cave. It has a kind of hall that overlooks the sky. In this place, there is a kind of winter garden: a small pond in the center, surrounded by various plants, a small paradise. It's a good place for those who enjoy the silence and isolation. Those who are willing can walk 500mt up the wall on the Brazilian side, where avistarão the forest of Mount Roraima National Park in Indian Reservation Raposa Serra do Sol, where Ingarikó Indians live, and just beyond the Roraiminha (less tepuy). Dinner and overnight. The second night on top.

Monte Roraima orquideas


Day 6 - Camp Coati / Lake Gladys
Breakfast and trip to Lake Gladys, the Guyanese side of the mountain. It will be a hike of nearly 03 hours round trip over 03 hours back. It's a nice ride, the trail is a little different from what was done so far, and the lake is an attraction apart. For those who prefer a little rest, they can stay in the camp. Dinner and overnight at the camp Coati. Third night on top.

Roraima pedras


Day 7 - Coati camp/camp near the beginning of the descent
Breakfast and return to the next camp arrival at the top, with about 05 hours of walking and 15km traveled. At one point the trail, we visit the El Foso, a huge hole where it forms a natural pool. The most curious and adventurous, it is possible to get to the bottom of the El Foso through an underground gallery. Free afternoon. Dinner and Overnight. Wednesday night on top.

Roraima Mount day 5


Day 8 - Stone Maverick / Pool Jacuzzi / Lookout La Ventana / Salto Cathedral
After breakfast, departure for a light day hike (about 06km), with a trip to Stone Maverick (highest point of Mount Roraima, with 2875mt), which overlooks the vastness of the Gran Sabana (including any track that was made to get to the base). Then walk to the Jacuzzi baths (natural pools where you can bathe) and Lookout La Ventana, where you can admire the grandeur of Mount Kukenan with its many waterfalls waters, including the immense valley of forests which are among the two tepuys.
The images are breathtaking, is a real window looking out to paradise, the appropriate time to be quiet and let the breeze touch the soul. After this experience, trip to Paso de Los Cristales, a suitable location for the spare energy for the next day trekking. In return for the camp, stopping at Cathedral Salto, where you literally feel within a sanctuary. Dinner and Overnight. Thursday night on top.

Roraima pedras 1


Day 9 - Top / Bottom / Tek River Camp
Time to return to civilization. After breakfast, break camp and begin the descent around 08:00. Fall expected in 04 hours to the base, stopping for about 40 minutes to rest and feed, then go to Tek River Camp, with arrival scheduled for 16:00 (14km). After all the walking, this will be the most pleasant camp, for just the hassles with the cold, and the starry sky molhaceiros provide a wonder. Enjoy the rest of the day to rest, bathing and produce more pictures. Dinner and overnight. Temperature: 25 ° C approximately.


Day 10 - River Camp Tek / Paraitepuy / Santa Elena de Uairen / Boa Vista
Last step. Breakfast and start walking to the village to be at the same time the previous day. 15km stretch lasting 04 hours, a routine inspection by the guard Inparques, and return to Santa Elena de Uairen (100km), and then to Boa Vista (220km), with an estimated arrival at 20.00. All will be accommodated at the hotel where they have a reservation.


What is included

  • Personalized service
  • Private transportation
  • Appropriate equipment, reviewed and maintained in day
  • Balanced food menu, with the inclusion of fruits
  • Experienced and oriented guides for humane treatment to all customers
  • Detailed guidance on everything related to the trip
  • Group meeting in Boa Vista, for technical guidance, for the safety of all
  • Preventive procedures for increased safety of the participants
  • Staff trained to extreme respect for the environment and local culture
  • Transportation Boa Vista / Santa Elena de Uairen / Indigenous Community Paraitepuy - round trip
  • Lodging in Santa Elena de Uairen - 01 daily (double, triple or quadruple, depending on availability)
  • Full board from S. Elena: dinner, breakfast, lunch trail
  • First aid kit
  • Camping equipment: tents, tarpaulins, stove, kitchen supplies
  • Guide track
  • Chargers for collective equipment
  • Travel time of reservation with Inparques and Indigenous Community Paraitepuy


What is not included

  • Flight tickets to Boa Vista
  • Travel insurance
  • Receptive in/out lodging in Boa Vista
  • Dining at Boa Vista and Santa Elena de Uairen
  • Other transfers and tours
  • Personal chargers for particular baggage must be contracted separately


What to bring

  • Sunscreen and facial lotion with SPF
  • Moisturizer / night lotion
  • If you are taking any medication, bring enough stock


Additional Information

  • The company is legally accredited by the Ministry of Tourism, the State Department of Tourism of the State of Roraima, Associated ABETA - Brazilian Association of Tourism Adventure and Nature of Business
  • This package does not include travel insurance, however, it is highly recommended that all participants have their own insurance to participate in this expedition, with an insurer that takes precedence. If are interested, contact us on our recommendation
  • You can talk to your family with communication via satellite phone, any day of the expedition, sharing their excitement with friends or sending news
  • We offer the option of a helicopter back from the top or from another location to be defined, which can be shared by up to 04 people with their backpacks, provided beforehand

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellation early the day of output caused by the Contractor, the entire amount paid will be fully reimbursed, without penalty and without discounts, within 30/60 days from the cancellation request
  • In case of cancellation on the initiative of the contractor, will be lost in favor of the Contractor, the following percentages of the price of the contract package: - 10% - cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the expedition; - 20% - cancellation between 30 and 21 days before the start of the expedition
  • Percentages greater than the above provided that the corresponding expenses effectively proven by the agency before the Embratur, made as a result of user withdrawal - for cancellation within 21 to 08 days before the start of the tour
  • The repayment follows the same definition expressed above

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