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Amazon Jungle Cruise Expedition

From BRL 8,480.00 per person
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About the adventure

Experience moments of adventure and connection with nature in the Greatest Natural Wonder in the World, the Amazon Rainforest onboard of Katerre boat on this amazing Amazon Jungle River Cruise. We will cruise through the Amazon Forest, contemplating its beautiful landscapes, learning about its rich biodiversity, tasting the culinary delicacies of the region, and getting to know the local culture and interacting with indigenous communities.


anavilhanas national park

amazon river cruise

About the Boat

Navigate through the Amazonian waters with great comfort. This premium boat has 64 feet, 3 floors, 8 suite cabins, and large functional and leisure areas for up to 16 people on long expeditions. The regional style of the boat provides our customers with the feeling of traveling on a top-of-the-line boat like the natives of the region, but with comfort, safety, and onboard service. Suite cabins with ith air-conditioned, a covered leisure area, and a solarium with tables, chairs, and loungers, showers, hammocks are some of the features you will find on this Amazonian boat.


amazon river cruise boat

Life Aboard

The crew will welcome you onboard for the start of this Amazon Jungle River Cruise. During navigation in Amazonian waters, a meeting will be held, giving instructions, explaining the itinerary, and demonstrating practices of minimal impact during the trip.


amazon river cruise boatExpedition on Amazon River Cruise


Navigating Rio Negro, the seventh-largest river in the world by volume of water,  we will enjoy delicious meals and drinks onboard while exploring Amazon's rich ecosystem abundant in life and organic nutrients, full of birds, reptiles, exotic plants, and giant trees. Opening the curtain in your room and enjoying nature at any time is an indescribable sensation!



Traveling through the Amazon on a boat is a unique adventure, which will make us reflect on how much we must protect the greatest natural heritage in the world.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


amazon jungle river cruise


Amazon Jungle River Cruise

With a wide range of exposure to native culture and wildlife attractions, this tour offers climbing the giant trees, swimming with the pink dolphins, visiting the Tuiuka Indians, Parasailing, and navigation through black and muddy water ecosystems from Rio Solimoes to the heart of Anavilhanas and Jaú National Park in Rio Negro.


Contemplating its water we will visit Encontro das Águas (Meeting of the Waters), where Rio Negro (black waters) and Rio Solimões (brown waters) run side by side for more than 9 km.


encontro das aguas amazonia

Ariau Amazon


Navigation through Ariaú River, a beautiful black watercourse, with characteristic vegetation and peculiar attractions such as giant trees, with the option of performing the Tree Climb. We will enjoy its abundant fauna, aquatic trail activity with piranha fishing, and probable interaction with scent monkeys.


amazon jungle river cruise


We will go forward Ariaú River, a settlement of Indians from the Upper Rio Negro, and visit the village and witness a rustic presentation of their traditional customs, dance, a little history, and crafts. After the presentation, interaction in the native language Tuiuka and Tukano.


Indigenous Tribe Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


At night, we will be spotting alligators and other nocturnal animals.



We will visit Anavilhanas National Park and its abundant fauna and flora. Known for being the second-largest river archipelago in the world, with 400 river islands and the habitat of the most beloved character of the Amazon, the pink dolphin.


Anavilhanas National Park

Pink Dolphins Amazon


Our adventure includes beautiful hiking in the forest to appreciate the fauna and flora and a visit to the Caboclo community of Miriti. We also will hike 1200 meters in the Amazon Forest to reach Madadá Cave, this enigmatic cave formed over 700 million years ago by sandstone blocks of various shades.


The highlight of the day is the Gruta do Madadá trail, a perfect attraction for those facing natural challenges. In the midst of large enigmatic sandstone rocks and waters of different shades, we will walk along a trail of 1200 meters in the Amazon Forest. We will return to the boat to sail to Reserva do Jaú, aPark Nationalfull of rock paintings and archaeological sites, which protects the hydrographic basin of theRiver Jaú. In the afternoon, we will take a boat trip through streams on the way to the reserve, and, at sunset, we will continue towards an overnight stay in Boca do Jaú.

Madadá Cave - Expedition on Amazon River Cruise



During our expedition, we will make some stops to swim at Rio Negro's beaches formed in the dry season and enjoy the beautiful Amazon sunset.


amazon jungle river cruise


At night, you can choose overnight in the boat’s cabin or in hammocks on the lookout, a bungalow for 2 with a washroom in the middle of the jungle, with a nice view of the Negro River. Enjoy special dinners under the moonlight and a lot of native folklore storytelling.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise


Our expedition continues navigating toward the Jaú National Park, with a stop at Airão Velho, an abandoned city, lost in the Amazon forest. With a single inhabitant, considered the 'guardian' of the place, the old settlement is in ruins on the banks of the Rio Negro. We will also visit the Mirituba riverside community and existing pre-Columbian petroglyphs near Airão Velho.


Airão Velho


Jaú National Park is a conservation unit perfect for those who like to watch animals. Monkeys, sloths, dolphins, lowland pacas, and birds can be observed on jungle nights, or in the river, close to sunset time. The largest freshwater forest park in the world still guards enigmas to be revealed. Because of its relatively complicated access, its paths, waterfalls, and creeks are not heavily explored by tourists. The park’s water system is composed of 3 big rivers (Unini River on the north, Carabinani by the south, and Jaú in the center) and an infinity of small streams of dark water.  The forests found on the banks of the rivers are called Igapó Forests and are flooded for a period of 6-8 months during the year. The dry forests are known as Firm Land Forests. Its diversity represents 200 species per hectare.


amazon jungle river cruise


amazon jungle river cruise


jau national park

amazon jungle river cruise


amazon jungle river cruise


At the end of our Amazon Jungle River Cruise  we will visit the Aturiá community to experience the lifestyle of the locals, exchange experiences, visit its orchard with seasonal fruits and the flour house, and have a short trip on a fisherman's canoe to observe the local fauna, especially the Bicó monkey.


Expedition on Amazon River Cruise

amazon jungle river cruise


amazon jungle river cruise

amazon jungle river cruise


This experience is a unique Amazon Jungle River Cruise for 7 days.  The itinerary will be readapted if you choose to do it in fewer days, we have options from 4 to 7 days.


What is included in the Amazon River Cruise

  • 3-6 nights aboard the Jacaré-Açu boat on a suite-cabin with air conditioning,
  • Bilingual guide
  • Crew: Captain, expedition leader, native guide, chefs, assistants, sailors, and housekeeper.
  • Meals: Full board, including 3 meals a day + snacks.
  • Drinks: sparkling water, natural juices, soft drinks, caipirinhas, beer.
  • Customized menu options: Regional, International, Vegetarian Low fat
  • Transfer Novo Airão > Manaus
  • Booklets, articles, and infographics about Amazon, in PDF.
  • Support boat for the transportation of passengers, according to the planned itinerary;
  • Gasoline for navigation, including the support boat;
  • Fees referring to the presentation of the Indians, walking the trails, and diving with the dolphins;


What is not included

  • Medical Aid;
  • Drinks not mentioned as included;
  • Tips and gratuities.


Join us in the Amazon

Explore the Amazon aboard of this Exclusive River Cruise:

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    Customer Reviews

    5 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)

    Authentic cruise through Anavilhanas

    December 2, 2022

    Definitely Jacaré-Açu was the great protagonist of a transformative journey. This expedition offers an authentic cruise through Anavilhanas, the second-largest river archipelago in the world.

    A premium vessel consisting of 3 floors, with a capacity for up to 16 people, 4 air-conditioned suite cabins with a double bed, and 4 with a bunk bed. Amenities by Natura Ekos, hammock, and duvet. Not to mention, of course, an incredible, kind, and courteous staff that made the difference so that everything was more than perfect during the 4 nights we spent on board.

    Both the tap water and the shower water is river water, which is why it is a little dark, after all, we are on the Negro river. And, despite the natural temperature of the water, it is not difficult to take a bath because the heat in the region is intense. And taking a refreshing shower on the deck certainly makes the experience even better!

    You can’t forget every scene, every sensation, every beach that appears now in this dry season, and best of all: no mosquitoes!! Exactly believe if you want that because of the acidic pH of the water they are not there!

    And the sky? My God, scroll through the photos and you will be able to see a photo taken with my cell phone, in the dark of night, where the Milky Way appears, we even saw a shooting star, I swear, unforgettable.

    Kellen Masuchette (Brazil)

    Once-in-a-lifetime experience

    November 25, 2022

    I think the only word that can truly describe Anavilhanas is magic. Thank you for this one-in-a-lifetime experience that my family and I will treasure all our life . Here you feel humble, wondered , thankful and part of something greater. Here you take great pleasure in the little things: the silence, the landscape, the stories and most of all that smile in your children’s faces that makes it all worthwhile. We will definitely come back ♥️

    Adriana Ramirez (Spain)

    The whole team was a 10!

    November 21, 2022

    The boat is very well structured and equipped, I just felt a little difficulty getting up and down to the upper bed as it didn’t have support and high steps. The bathroom and shower are perfect and the cleanliness of the room and garbage collection is impeccable. The idea of ​​leaving the beach and boat towels in different colors was very good.

    All of the team, without exception, were fantastic, and attentive, helping us to get on and off the boats and being attentive to the use of vests during the tours. The regional menu was wonderful, with everything in the right measure, and a perfect combination of flavors. The chefs are a 10, and the boat was always clean, even after the walk the team asked us to leave our sneakers and they cleaned them. Our captain was calm and assured of our way to go. The guide was fantastic with his stories and experiences, it was an intense exchange of culture and knowledge and the whole group learned a lot. He was always attentive to the smallest details and explained the schedule after the meal so we didn’t miss any details. I felt total security on the tours we took because of this team with us.

    I found the information on the importance of wearing life jackets before the expedition to start to be very important, along with all other information and the nominal presentation of each team member and their duties to be carried out. I loved the fact that there was no internet and tv on the bedroom. Once again I repeat that the whole team was a 10.

    At Mirante do Gavião the location was wonderful, the staff attentive and attentive to everything. The room was comfortable and I loved that it didn’t have a tv. Everything perfect! The guide made our city tour and it was perfect, as well as the expedition. Getting to know the support programs for sustainable activities in the region and knowing that in some way we are participating enhances the purpose of the trip even more. I loved the restaurant with the rich menu. The breakfast was delicious and impeccable in the regional proposal, congratulations to the whole team from the kitchen to the person who served us. As for the boat trips I took 2 of them, I was worried that the use of a life jacket was left to the discretion of each tourist, in my group only me and 2 other people used it.

    I suggest that at the time of booking we are asked for the weight, so that a certain number of vests according to weight could already be separated, and that together with the vest offered, guidance and education on the importance of its use be made. There were times when the boat swayed a lot due to the wind and others when we crossed from one shore to the other. I know everyone is experienced, but accidents and incidents can happen and prevention is everything. It should not be left to the tourist’s discretion.

    The walk through the forest to Madada was fantastic, I learned a lot from the guide who pointed out various elements of nature to be used for survival and care in the forest. The caves themselves are a spectacle in themselves. We returned from this trip and immersion with the desire to return to the region and certainly see you soon, for new travel proposals for 2023.

    Maria Cristina (Brazil)

    Discoveries and enchantment in the Amazon!

    October 9, 2022

    Another day of discoveries and enchantment in the Amazon! We are doing a boat expedition through Jaú National Park – one of the largest and most preserved in the world 🌎🙏 Being here experiencing all of this is a blessing.

    Patricia Mattos (Brazil)

    One of the best travel experiences I've ever had!

    October 4, 2022

    I’ve been from Bangkok to Bagan, but it was on a trip to the Amazon, right here in Brazil, with my children, that I experienced one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. Slow down the heat in the warm and delicious waters of the Rio Negro; climb to the top of the boat and turn off the lights to watch the spectacle of the sky above our heads; wake up in the morning to see the sun rise over that river “sea” and return to eat a homemade tapioca cake and drink taperabá juice; climb a tree and chat with a lively Indigenous girl named Celina; lunch with fresh fish having a caipiroska prepared right there on the boat, our house for 5 days; swimming with Amazon river dolphins, spotting alligators at night (and being surprised with a baby alligator making its difficult nocturnal trajectory in the river); to feel small in front of the grandeur of a giant Sumaúma; go up to the deck of the boat to take a shower and chat; go 5 days without internet signal and feel like you didn’t miss it in the slightest; watching my children shine their eyes before the greatness of nature; see the most beautiful water mirror I’ve ever seen in my life; dock on an island in the river to spend the night and have a luau watching the stingrays…Ahhhh Amazon, you have become my GuiGui’s favorite trip and will always fill us with the most delicious memories…I hope to be back soon!

    Fernanda Nóbrega (Brazil)

    An experience that seems like a dream

    September 26, 2022

    Navigating the Rio Negro aboard the Jacaré Açu and hiking in the Amazon rainforest, seems like a dream, in addition to the beautiful landscapes, the smell was something surreal, really an experience of the senses, amazing!

    Karla Jarek

    We had the best experiences!

    September 8, 2022

    Aboard the Jacaré-Açu boat (4-night itinerary) on the Rio Negro, we had the best experiences. Starting with the total lack of internet, we were “forced” to immerse ourselves in emotions: conversation circles, divine sunrises and sunsets, river baths, waterfall baths (yes, in the dry season, paradisiacal places with sandy beaches appear and waterfall bathing points), enlightening walks about the fauna and flora of the region, meeting in the communities to interact with the locals, observing their way of subsistence (which is made entirely by the forest), immersion in the forest and its trails, fishing for piranha, alligator spotting, starry sky contemplation, and impeccable cuisine. It was awesome!

    Claudia Petry

    The expedition was a success!

    February 22, 2022

    A good part of the success of our expedition is in the hands of these 7 crew members who pampered and enchanted us during all these days, that we were on board, each one with its function, or rather, functions, they presented to us, not only the exuberant nature that is the Amazon, but also the rich local cuisine and culture. Impossible to leave a trip like this, just like when you arrived. A thousand reflections continue to reverberate in us, about this Brazil that we know so little or nothing. When we leave, even though we know more – but feeling “smaller” than we arrived – we understand more easily how small we are in this universe… Thanks so much!

    Fernanda Caruso Regis

    Everyone should immerse at least once in their lives.

    November 13, 2021

    I don’t remember the last time I was disconnected from Wi-Fi for so long and connected with nature and history, with people, with art.. Still absorbing the days aboard the Jacaré-Açu, sailing the Rio Negro, no signal and surrounded by people with the same purpose. Undoubtedly a unique experience. Everyone should immerse themselves at least once in their lives. It is synesthetic with itself!

    There is no better book than a sensory journey like the one we live on these days. A class towards knowledge, textures, shapes, composition, temperature… and in my eyes, always the MACRO vision combined with details. The detail in the middle of this immensity is called Amazon. Today it makes perfect sense to be a daughter of this land when I associate it with what I’ve lived.

    Lorena Rabelo

    Secrets and beauties of our Amazon

    March 18, 2019

    Navigating is necessary to discover the secrets and beauties of our Amazon 🛶 I embarked on a 4-day trip up the Rio Negro towards Jaú National Park, one of the itineraries available on this expedition that offers travelers the opportunity to get to know the jungle more deeply Amazon and its communities.

    Alessandra (Brazil)

    I couldn’t have asked for a better trip

    January 18, 2019

    This week, I returned from my dream vacation — a 7-day trip through the Amazon rainforest on a house boat (think Jennifer Lopez in Anaconda). This has been on my bucket list for at least 10 years and I‘m beyond proud to have taken one more big step for my own happiness. The week was filled with incredible knowledge, sights and encounters with new friends and local communities of the Amazônia. Our tour guide from this expedition taught me so many things on our numerous hikes and excursions (like which ants works as mosquito repellent and which tree to drink purified water from). My fellow boat mates were hilarious and offered endless conversation, and the crew made sure we were well taken care of the entire week. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip and start to my year. Follow your dreams and go places you’ve never been. See the world and be happy! I can’t wait until my next adventure!

    Jason Gonzalez (Mexico)

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