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From BRL 2,397.00 per person

4 Day Surf and Yoga in Florianópolis – Women’s Retreat

From BRL 2,397.00 per person
Accomodation Included
Surf Equipment Included
Vegan Meals
Video Analysis
About the adventure

Upcoming dates

  • 27-30 January 2022
  • 24-28 February 2022
  • 14-18 April 2022

Immerse with us in a unique surf and yoga retreat in Florianópolis. Are you ready to join ELA's 4 Day Surf and Yoga Retreat in Florianópolis? An Inner Awakening experience will be waiting for you. Our mission is to gather women all over the world with the intent of building self esteem, using surfing and yoga as a tool to change your life. With unique activities that goes from surfing to practicing yoga and living the real Brazilian culture.


This immersion offers everything you may be looking for in a women's only surf and yoga retreat. Each one of you will most definitely have a great time and experience with surf and yoga lessons in Florianópolis. Beautiful and adventurous moments in the Magic Island or just Floripa. One of the most privileged surfing places ins Brazil, everyday is a good day to surf on those incredible blue waters. In this unique experience, every woman is welcomed, those who have experience surfing or not, those who meditate everyday or not. Our 4 days are carefully planned and thought thru so you can have the best time. From the mindset shaping to the better surf techniques, this 4-day immersion in Florianopolis, Brazil was created thinking of you, girl!


This immersion is like a heavenly dream where you’ll have a complete encounter with not only your inner self but other women to connect and share stories and memories thru surf, yoga and reflections. Our goal is that every single woman goes home not only catching amazing waves but also evolve physically and mentally, ready to face the real world. We will work on your fears, insecurities and daily pressures, this is a safe place.


And the chosen, Açores Beach, shelter of villages steeped in tradition and history and of course, good waves, welcomes our activities.


group picture

stretching up


Welcome to Paradise

Day 1


Our amazing staff will be waiting for you at 2pm to welcome you to our cosy accommodations where you will call home for a few days. At any time you can explore the south part of the island, with fresh breeze and ocean sounds, you can't really ask for anything else. By 6:30 pm we begin our immersion, gathering everyone for a chat. Time to meet your holiday family! At this time you’ll get to know your activities for the next few days, the surfing methods, yoga classes and the inner processes to be developed are also subjects. Feel free to ask anything in your mind, this is a safe place ladies. 


fun times at the beach


After the hangout, time to taste some yummy food! Prepared full of love by our vegan chefs have a taste of this delicious and super nutritious meals. 

The ocean awaits for you

Day 2


Early birds let’s go, eat breakfast and run to the beach as the morning waves waits for you. We will have surf lessons all morning and then take a break for lunch. After eating, come back to the blue waters and surf all day long. 

concentration before waves


Sunny skies and memorable moments, this adventure will bring laughter, a lot of smiles and good times. Don't worry if you fall, everyone does and all of your progress will be recorded so you can improve as we leave the water. What ever happens on the surf and yoga retreat stays in Florianópolis.



After analysing the images, dinner time!


Surf and Yoga in my mind

Day 3


Time for the most important meal of the day, we know at the moment surfing and practicing yoga is all you can think about. But let's focus on your performance, without breakfast you won't be 100%. So first things first! Now show what you got, I’m sure you already learned a lot. Who knows you even catch your first wave?! I can feel the excitement! Paddle away and go for it, girl. 


group chat and reflection


After lunch, we will connect our mind, body and soul with a relaxing yoga session. Exploring and getting to know the limits of our bodies and the strength of our mind. Having control of our mind is essential to a surfer's life, as the sport goes beyond just sliding with the water's flow.


peace of mind

We immerse together on this adventure to transform self-observation into practice of surfing and out of the water we understand the psychology behind the sport. Our mission is to have group talks where all women can talk about their experience and ask questions. As well as doing simple activities where we'll discuss and express all fear, self-criticism, insecurity and many other topics with no judgment and a lot of empathy. Looking to take out of our chest whatever concerns you and use them as a reflection and strength.



After the exercises, another delightful dinner! Bon Appetit!



Day 4


Good morning, we will have a one of a kind yoga lesson, before breakfast to start the day in the best way possible. Stretch, Wake Up, Mind, Body and Soul. You are ready for another day. Let's go to the beach, show us what you’ve learnt in this life changing adventure, I'm sure you will surf a great wave. 

hugs and smiles


After lunch we gather around for a final reflection - our adventure and immersion has the mission to not only make you girls surf waves but also grow stronger. The progress is clear and it came in a natural way like all the smiles and hugs we share. The good energy is spread through the atmosphere.



holiday adventures


We thank you for the good energy and knowledge. Hopefully this is a goodbye just for now, our swells are always waiting for you, hitting our coast!


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About Your Hosts

Ale, Luna, Uxa, Tati and Mari form a team of passionate women. They love surfing and believe that sport is a bridge into personal transformation. This amazing team will help you not only to surf but through aspects like: physical, mental and emotional.




This adventure is located 29 km from Florianópolis International Airport - Hercílio Luz. Floripa Lodge guesthouse is equipped with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, fan, flat-screen TV and a minibar. Some units have a balcony and/or patio. In addition, bed linen is provided. It also has an outdoor terrace where guests can relax and also have a drink in the house's bar.

The property has bikes available for our guests, the area is great for cycling and walking.


cosy holiday home florianopolis


4-day Surf Immersion
Florianopolis, Brazil


Starts from R$ 2.397,00,00 per person.




COVID-19 considerations

Seeking to offer the best experience for you, some necessary precautions will be considered:

  • The inn will be closed to the group and team;
  • The use of open spaces with air circulation will be prioritized;
  • Available alcohol gel for hand hygiene throughout the event;
  • Covid testing up to 7 days before the event is mandatory for everyone's safety.


What is included

  • 3 nights accommodation;
  • All meals (vegan friendly);
  • 4 surf lessons;
  • 2 yoga classes;
  • Surf basics E-book;
  • Image analysis;
  • Surf equipment;
  • Gift;
  • Insurance;

What is not included

  • Airfare and transfer from/to airport;
  • Lunch on arrival;
  • Drinks;
  • Extra photos/videos.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes;
  • UV shirt;
  • Sunscreen + hat + UV glasses;
  • 1.5l water bottle or Camelback;
  • Dry Fit Towel.




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