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From USD 337.00 per person

4-day Amazon Jungle Tour

From USD 337.00 per person
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About the adventure


This 4-day adventure at northern Brazil, departing from Manaus, was carefully created for wildlife watchers and adrenaline seekers – get into the green immensity, spot sloths, caymans, hundreds of birds and face the unique dreaded Piranha!

Enjoy the spectacular natural scenes - Sleep under the star lights, kayak and discover on your own, the savage worlds of Amazon!


By waters of the Amazon River, the largest river basin in the world!


Born in the Andes Mountains, the Amazon River crosses the north of Brazil, nourishing life for the inhabitants of the largest tropical forest on the planet.

The Amazon basin has been gradually attracting attention, due to the various threats that human activity poses to its ecological balance, but despite this, it is an unrivalled destination for wildlife viewing and one of the least explored regions on the planet. Not by chance, it holds many mysteries, collects curiosities and raises a series of debates between society.


Your 4-day Amazon Jungle Tour is just a step ahead!


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The itinerary can change due to climate conditions or any factor that the host judges dangerous to the integrity of the group


DAY 1 - Navigators
The pick up at your hotel in Manaus is just the first step in our exploration. From there, we depart to the Port of Manaus, where we will start the navigation to the curious Meeting of the Waters and the wonderful colour contrast between the Negro and Solimões Rivers, bodies of the Amazon River. Just a little of the largest watercourse in the world in terms of volume and extension - almost 7 thousand kilometres!!!





We continued on our way to meet a fishing community in Vila Careiro da Várzea. A teach and learning experience. Get to know the local culture, the importance of water in their lives and understand more about the biodiversity of the Amazon region.





Then we will sail through the Araçá River until we reach the Paraná do Juma (a tributary of the Amazon River), for lunch and setups of our overnight camp.





In the afternoon we left in kayaks, looking out for wildlife! The destination points are home to a great fauna diversity, as the lovelies pink dolphins and the lazy sloth. The same route takes us to meet the feared Piranhas, mainly known for their aggressive behaviour and carnivorous appetite!





In the late afternoon, we head to the camp for dinner and listen to the fascinating legendary tales of the Amazon.


DAY 2 - Feel like a native!
Today we woke up very early! The morning dawn is the best time of day to watch the birds dance, as they start to leave the night shelters.

After a coffee break, we take the day off to learn about traditional survival techniques in the jungle. Tree climbing, how to make a bonfire in a rainforest, craft tools for trapping, fishing and hunting are just a few of...

Late that day we put the learns into practice at the camping!







DAY 3 - Jungle Hike
After breakfast, we organize the backpacks for a hiking day. Our track leads us to the world of plants, insects, mammals, snakes and birds. From scorpions, monkeys, jararacas, panthers and macaws to aromatic or poisonous flowers. Our guide has more than just the ability with biology. Watch closely what is like to be born in the jungle!





In the afternoon we will head towards the forest natives, where we spend the night. The dinner will be served earlier, as the night holds another adventure: the searching for caymans and archery fishing!





DAY 4 - Riverside Life
We started navigating back, attentive to riverside life. Our path reserves more of the fauna and flora, as well as a visit to the local community of Santa Maria.





This time, the cultural exchange will teach us about centuries-old forms of agricultural cultivation, such as the processing of cassava, an important food on local tables, and the extraction of rubber.





We will return to our camping hotel for lunch and a refreshing bath. After the relaxation time, we depart towards the Port of Manaus.



Price for the 4-day Amazon Jungle Tour

Starts from USD 337,00 per person.





What is included?

  • Pick up and drop off at the hotel;
  • English speaking guide;
  • Food and water;
  • Canoeing and camping equipment,


What is not included?

  • Breakfast on the first day;
  • Personal hygiene products;
  • Towel;
  • Beverages or anything else sold during the activity.


What to bring

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Pants;
  • T-Shirt;
  • Swimwear;
  • Shorts;
  • Mosquito repellent;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Hat;
  • Small knife;
  • Raincoat;
  • Flashlight;
  • Camera;
  • Thermos bottle;
  • Trekking shoes.



  • Camping


Requirements & Additional Information

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Good physical condition to face some challenges: steep climbs and descents, taking off shoes to cross-rivers, climb over some rocks, walking long distances.
  • Inform the guide in case of dependence on medicines or health conditions
  • Prices are subject to change at any moment. You must send an inquiry to receive an official offer. Confirmed reservations are not subject to price changes.


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