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From BRL 5,451.00 per person

2023 Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Fernando de Noronha

From BRL 5,451.00 per person
National Marine Park
Meals Included
Daily Yoga & Meditation
Transfers Included
About the adventure

Upcoming dates

  • 2-7 April 2023


Getting the year started in harmony, the 2022 Yoga and Meditation Retreat will show you Fernando de Noronha from a different way. Connecting with its impressive nature, diving in one of the world's most beautiful and preserved marine life and most importantly, diving within yourself through daily practices of yoga and meditation.


All led by marine biologist Silvia Morelli, an experienced Yoga and Meditation instructor, island resident for 20 years, who will take you to discover Noronha’s hidden gems!


Composed of 21 islands and islets, the archipelago of the Marine National Park of Fernando de Noronha is a paradise of indescribable beauty and was declared a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Noronha is also one of the best places for diving. Its clear and warm waters provide excellent visibility, being possible to observe its splendid marine life of corals, dolphins, turtles, and sharks, characteristics that fascinate people from all over the world.



Join us in turning 2022 Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Fernando de Noronha into a memorable lifetime experience!



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Our 2022 Yoga and Meditation Retreat Itinerary


Day 1

WELCOME TO NORONHA! A transfer will meet you upon your arrival at the airport and take you to your accommodation. During the afternoon, we will enjoy a welcoming coffee with your hostess, who will pass on some information about the retreat and instructions on practices with the minimal environmental impact on the island. After our meeting, we will continue to Bode Beach, where we will do our first meditation and yoga practice, followed by an exclusive dinner at Palhoça da Colina.


Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022


Day 2

READY!? We started the day really early, paddling a Hawaiian Canoe during the first sunrise lights, exploring the bay of Porto Beach and its rich marine life from an oceanic perspective! From there, we continue to our first dive spot and the most beloved place by the locals. The iconic Conceição Beach. After our lunch break, a visit to Leão Beach, which is also the place for our yoga and meditation practices during sunset. At night, an exquisite dining experience at the Mesa da Ana.


Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022


Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022



Day 3

NAMASTE! Our day starts with a light yoga and meditation session, preparing us for today's adventure: Visiting Sancho Bay, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, on a day with a lot of sun and water! During the afternoon we hike up to the Two Brothers Lookout before getting back to the sand for watching the sunset with bare feet. And by the way, tonight's dinner is different... LUAU! By the warmth of woodfire and the moonlights, listening to live acoustic music and feeling the sea breezes… Fresh grilled fish is on the menu!


Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022 Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022 Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022


Day 4

WELCOME ABOARD! On today's adventure, we'll navigate the waters of Fernando de Noronha on a boat! Exploring several snorkeling spots, untouched beaches and incredible views. We might even have the dolphins company performing a bit of nature's show. Lunch is on board heading to Bode Beach, to end up the afternoon with meditation and yoga at sunset.


Sunset Piquinho - Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022



Day 5

Today our morning meditation and yoga sessions go on at Cacimba do Padre. charming beach to enjoy our practices to the sound of the sea waves and sing of birds. We will also free dive and snorkel, exploring its sea around Two Brothers, a main postcard of Noronha. In the afternoon, the nice hilly hike of Piquinho Trail and an amazing panoramic view of the island for a unique sunset meditation practice.


Silvinha Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022



Day 6

OM! Before breakfast, we start the day with meditation at the charming Museu dos Tubarões (Sharks Museum), connecting to its stunning environment. After breakfast, it is time for another great adventure: The water trail at Boldró Beach and the meeting with turtles, small sharks, stingrays, and of course, dolphins! After lunch, Conceição Beach, where we will contemplate its colourful sunset during our yoga practice to the sound of waves. On our last night, we will gather for a special dinner tasting more of Noronha's cuisine delights.


Yoga and Meditation Noronha Retreat 2022 Picture: @michele_roth_



Day 7

Even though at Yoga, we practice detachment and impermanence, we know it is hard to let go of this beautiful island. And for a special closure of this retreat, we will start with a sunrise meditation and yoga practice at Cacimba do Padre Beach, in a relaxation and freediving morning. We say goodbye at the airport and hoping to see you soon, we leave the doors open!


Yoga and Meditation Retreat 2022

Inspired and renewed, return home from the 2022 Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Fernando de Noronha even more connected with yourself and our nature!


About Your Host

Silvia Morelli, known as Silvinha, is passionate about yoga, life, and the sea! Biologist and Yoga practitioner for over 25 years, graduated in the Kundalini and Power Yoga line. A resident of Fernando de Noronha since 2001, she works as a yoga teacher and enjoys surfing and freediving on the island.


Silvinha Yoga Noronha 2022



She has been to India several times in search of improvement and continues to go to Master Amma's Ashram in Kerala every year. There, she participated as a student in several courses for teachers in the Amrita Yoga line and also became a meditation teacher of the IAM technique (Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique). She also graduated as a teacher of Laughter Yoga, a modern program of techniques that involve breathing exercises and voluntary laughter. She is trained in Reikian energy channelling therapy and has a background in Yoga Ayurvedic Massage in India.



Looking to provide more flexibility, the accommodation reservations along the days of your stay are up to your choice. Check Booking for suggestions.


Price for 2022 Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Fernando de Noronha

Starts from R$ 5.451,00 per person, depending on the number of people.



What is included

  • A local English-speaking guide;
  • 7 yoga classes;
  • Yoga Mat & Towels;
  • Transfers in/out the airport;
  • Meals as described in the itinerary;
  • Transportation thought the island;
  • Boat tickets;
  • Hawaiian Canoe Experience;
  • Snorkeling Equipment.


What is not included

  • Airplane tickets in/out Fernando de Noronha Island;
  • Entry/Admission fee in the Marine National Park of R$ 111 for Brazilian citizens and R$ 222 for foreigners
  • Environmental Preservation Fee of R$ 503,74 for 7 days;
  • Accommodation;
  • Beverages at dinners;
  • Travel Insurance.


What to Bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes;
  • UV shirt;
  • Sunscreen + hat + UV glasses;
  • 1.5l water bottle or Camelback;
  • Repellent;
  • Two light walking clothes (light pants and long-sleeved shirt);
  • Raincoat; 
  • Dry Fit Towel.


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