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From BRL 2,589.00 per person

05-day unique expedition to Jalapão, the heart of Brazil

From BRL 2,589.00 per person
Accomodation Included
Meals Included
Transfers Included
Group Size 2-8
About the adventure

Disconnect yourself from the virtual world and connect yourself with nature, in a magnificent experience in Jalapão, the heart of Brazil.


Located in Tocantins, Jalapão has the largest untouched portion of the Brazilian savannah, with beautiful deserted beaches, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, and turquoise waters. Such beauty in the midst of an exuberant fauna and rarely seen in other places such as jaguars, wolves, deer, armadillos, macaws, and tapirs.


In this adventure, you will visit Jalapão and the Serra Geral do Tocantins, enjoying its main attractions, its valuable culture and exuberant nature such as Formiga Waterfall, Encantado Canyon Waterfall, Lagoa do Japones to name a few.


We will meet the hospitable Jalapenses, tasting their delicious homemade food, and watch how the artifacts made of "Capim Dourado" (Golden grass), a trademark of Jalapão, are produced. An enriching experience that contributes to the sustainable development of the local community.


Come live this unique experience in Jalapão!



Day by Day

The itinerary can change due to climate conditions or any factor that the host judges dangerous to the integrity of the group

Day 1 - Arrival at Palmas City
We begin our adventure in Palmas, the capital of Tocantins. After breakfast, we will meet our guide and before we hit the road to Jalapão, he will brief us about the trip and make a minimal impact practice demonstration to the group.



We will head towards Pindorama do Tocantins, onboard of the only 4x4 Overland of Tocantins, an F250 truck adapted to work in the style "African safari", offering comfort and at the same time a privileged view during our adventure.




After a delicious lunch in a local restaurant, we will visit the Lagoa do Japonês (Japanese Lake), which with its blue and transparent waters, makes us an invitation to the first dive in Tocantins lands. After relaxing in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, we will go out to know Pedra Furada from a small trail.




Before dusk, a quick stop to visit the store of handicrafts made of Capim Dourado (Golden Grass) and cool down with ice cream with popsicles from cerrado fruits and before our at Ponte Alta, where we will spend the night.


Day 2
What a wonderful feeling waking up in Jalapão! After a well-deserved night of rest and a hearty breakfast, we will head out to the heart of Jalapão. On the way, we will see the Serra da Muriçoca, a sandstone formation that cuts through the region. After a few relaxing stops, we will arrive at one of the main attractions of the park: Cachoeira da Velha (Old Lady Waterfall) - the largest waterfall in Jalapão, about 20m wide.




At the waterfall, you can enjoy some adrenaline going rafting *  or relax on the banks of the Rio Novo, next to the waterfall, with its sweet and calm waters and its gallery forests.



We will depart for the Quilombola Community of Rio Novo, where it is possible to interact with the locals and get to know a little about the lifestyle of these hospitable people and always have a smile on their face.



After a snack and a bath, we will leave for the Dunes to enjoy the unforgettable sunset in Jalapão, from a trail of 300 meters. On the way we will see Morro do Saca Trapo, Serra do Espírito Santo and Lagoa das Dunas, where we will stop to contemplate this incredible landscape of Jalapão.



Day 3
For the early birdies, you can start at dawn to contemplate a beautiful sunrise at the top Morro do Jacurutu which has a wonderful view of the Jalapão paths *.



Following a delicious breakfast, we will head towards Cachoeira da Formiga, where we will take a break for a refreshing bath in its green and clear waters. After lunch, we will visit Fervedouro do Ceiça, to experience the indescribable feeling of being floating.




At night we will watch the stars with a water bath at a Fervedouro. A unique sensation!


Day 4
The song of the birds announces the beginning of another special day of this adventure. After breakfast, we will head towards Fervedouro Bela Vista for a relaxing bath and continue towards Fervedouro do Alecrim (100 m trail).




After these relaxing stops, we will head towards Serra da Catedral, which is between São Felix and Novo Acordo. This place is noteworthy for having the shape of a cathedral facade. Lunch will be at a local restaurant, a real “Jalapoeiro” lunch.


We will enjoy our last night contemplating the beautiful starry sky of Jalapão.




Day 5
Enjoy the last moments in Jalapão! After breakfast, depart towards the Canion do Encantado (Enchanted Canyon), for an unforgettable trail to the interior of the canyon, where you can access the canyon waterfalls at the end of the trail.


There are four waterfalls over 70m high. At the base, the waters form a small lake around a small beach. All around, the waters erode from the paths and are found at the bottom of the canyon, forming a stream that feeds the vegetation.


Canion do Encantado @e.se.a.gente.fosse.la.ver



After lunch at a local restaurant, we continue to Palmas, saying goodbye to this magical place and ending this great adventure.



What is included

  • Local Accredited Guide
  • Transportation using 4x4 vehicle - Ford F250 Overlander - Safari standard, with 8 seats, air conditioning.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, “except drinks”,
  • On-board service in the vehicle, with; Snacks, water, juice, and coffee,
  • 01 overnight stay at Pousada Beira da Mata or similar,
  • 01 overnight stay Pousada Flores do Jalapao or similar.
  • 02 overnight stays at Pousada Águas do Jalapão or similar.
  • Admission to all the attractions mentioned in the script description.
  • According to the logistics on the day of the expedition, one of the nights in Mateiros can be changed to an inn in the municipality of São Félix in Tocantins,
  • On the tour to Lagoa do Japones 4x2 vehicles with conditioning will be used instead.

What is not included

  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, ice cream, etc.

* Optional 

  • Rafting
  • Sunrise at the top Morro do Jacurutu

Additional Information

  • The itinerary can change due to climate conditions or any factor that the host judges dangerous to the integrity of the group
  • Prices are subject to change at any moment. You must send an inquiry to receive an official offer. Confirmed reservations are not subject to price changes.



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    Customer Reviews

    5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

    We had an amazing time!

    November 14, 2022

    The trip was incredible. Really well organized, and customized to our needs and itinerary. We had an amazing time, learned so much about Jalapão, and had a lot of fun. Our guide was so knowledgable and had always time on eye so we were not late and could really enjoy the four days.

    Kathrin Moosmann (Germany)

    Very professional!

    April 13, 2022

    Very nice, open, friendly and very professional. I can most definitely recommend the agency and the guides, from the first minute we felt like friends not customers, very easy going guide but extremely professional at the same time, the tour has been adapted to our requirements and our schedule. Very good food (and drinks 😉) and accommodations!

    Hope to be back for more adventures!


    Markus (Germany)


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