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Customer Reviews

We love it when our customers share their feedback after having an adventure with our handpicked partners.

Much more was delivered than promised

February 3, 2023

The company was excellent from the first contact with the team until the end of the tour with the guides. The guides not only showed full mastery of knowledge of the region and trekking but also proved to be excellent people who welcomed us and taught us in the best possible way, mixing the theoretical knowledge of the Pati Valley with the wisdom of only those who live in the area could transmit. Much more was delivered than promised. I will definitely recommend Planeta EXO and the guides to my family and friends!

Bernardo Duarte (Brazil)

The guides are a massive asset to Planeta EXO

February 2, 2023

We had an unforgettable 5-day trek across the amazing scenery of the Vale do Pati. Our guides had an almost unbelievable depth of knowledge about the entire park and obviously cared very deeply about the preservation and protection of the landscape. They both were incredible navigators and guides. The houses and food provided authentic and delicious stays, which really helped us appreciate the culture of living in the valley. The guides’ efforts in speaking to us in English meant so much, and actually, by day 3 we were able to have full conversations. I think they will only get better at English the more he is exposed to trekkers from outside of Brazil, but they are already a massive asset to PlanetExo!

Jake Stevens (England)


February 1, 2023

Our 5 day trek was brilliant. The scenery was spectacular and the hospitality provided at each of the pousadas was great – kind hosts and very good food. There were brilliant guides and the group worked well together.

Charlotte Rihoy (England)

First-class service

January 27, 2023

Both my wife and I had a fabulous time trekking in the vale de Pati… we thought that Planeta EXO were professional and everything worked like clockwork. The accommodation and food were superb, our guide was knowledgeable and considerate and nothing was too much trouble. In addition, the service provided Pre and post the trek was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Planeta Exo to anybody who is looking for a company that not only gives back but also provides a first-class service.

Nick Hudson (England)

The best experience of my life

January 24, 2023

It was the best experience of my life. I went with the expectation of trekking in Chapada, but it was far beyond what I could have imagined. And I can say that I was guided by the best professional I’ve ever met! Congratulations Planeta Exo, you were sensational from beginning to end.

Flavia Machado (Brazil)

Immersion in nature

January 24, 2023

Amazing 5 days… this immersion in nature, the good vibe of the team, the amazing people who welcomed us… as well as the waterfall, and the view,… it was really a second but even stronger experience!!! Thank you so much to our guide, for the relaxed attitude, his sharings, his smile, and his flexibility!!! (What a great change for Cachoeirão por baixo). Thank you to the whole group for the conversation, the silence was so present and divine! the hiking and sharing…  Thank you so much! Great guide! A truly good person.   

Aurian Vaxelaire (Belgium)

The program is unique

January 20, 2023

The experience was simply wonderful! From the beginning of the contact, they gave us the maximum attention, we had 2 calls to clarify doubts, details of the itinerary, and much more. The way they organize the script is unique. I had exclusive experiences, wonderful climbs, and views, I wasn’t in a hurry, and I spent an hour enjoying each boiler, it was all wonderful. The interaction with the local people is another unique point of the visit! We learned a lot from them. The food and the lodges are incredible. And of course, the guide was just sensational! I recommend 1000%

Milena (Brazil)

Incredible experience that I intend to relive

January 19, 2023

When PlanetaEXO was recommended to me, I didn’t think I would identify so much with its proposal. It is a serious company that strictly complies with what it offers. The guide was wonderful, with a lot of experience, commitment, and good energy. It was an incredible experience that I intend to relive.

Paula Angelica (Brazil)

Extremely well organized

January 19, 2023

The 5-day adventure through the Vale do Pati was amazing and extremely well organized. Our guide was very well familiar with the path and the environment and I felt constantly in good hands. This adventure was not only about the beautiful landscape, nature and physical activity, but it was also a culinary adventure of great brazilian food! It is truly a great, sustainable way of getting to know a very special part of Brasil. Thank you!

Jaime Fernandez (Spain)

Service of the highest standard

January 19, 2023

Everything is simply exceptional. Incredible place of immersion in the nature of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. Decoration and service of the highest standard, very tasty meals, and sensational tours. Special mention to the Biologist and the Guide who accompanied us on the 4 days of tours they did. Unforgettable safari with sightings of jaguars, anteaters, alligators, deer, rheas, and more than 100 species of birds. We strongly recommend it for couples and families with teenagers.

Joze Candido (Brazil)

Punctuality, kindness, cordiality, everything perfect

January 13, 2023

I loved traveling with the company, punctuality, kindness, cordiality, everything perfect. At the last minute, I needed to take my 82-year-old mother and a specific schedule was made for her in a car so that I could take all the trips in another car with my husband. The team was very creative and my mother came back happy. My husband and I did the tours with a guide that we love. I strongly recommend

Patricia (Brazil)

We were astounded by the beauty

January 12, 2023

We did a 3-day trek in the Chapada Diamantina National Park and we were astounded by the variety and beauty of the area. The guide is very knowledgeable about the area, and was generally an engaging and encouraging guide. When the going was a bit difficult (crossing rivers, steep climbs, etc) he personally assisted us to ensure our safety, and was encouraging when one of our friends suffered from vertigo, enabling us all to reach the viewpoints. We really enjoyed our trek – thank you!! I’d also like to note that when our bus arrived late at night the company sent someone to meet us to make sure we were OK, which was so kind and very much appreciated.

Naomi Maxse (United Kingdom)

PlanetaEXO made sure to provide everything we needed

January 12, 2023

We had probably the 3 most amazing days of our lives at Pati Valley! PlanetaEXO made sure to provide everything we needed so we could enjoy such a wonderful place with no stress: there was a transfer, facilities to store what you’re not taking to the valley, communicating with you at all times, and a handpicked guide! To be honest, at this point we don’t even feel like we should call the host a guide, because, after these three days, we felt we got ourselves a new friend! He is very smart, knows what he is doing, is very communicative, and could tell us things from the geological formation of the rocks from Chapada to old Europe history! Incredibly fun guy that really set a great vibe within the group!

Joop & Thais (Brazil)

People there were wonderful!

January 11, 2023

I found the trek complete and the host excellent. The changes that occurred were caused by heavy rains. The trail is beautiful and the people we lived with during these 5 days were wonderful. Loved it.

Lyss Melo (Brazil)

Unique experience!

January 11, 2023

Unique experience with a super dedicated guide!

Renato Zångaro (Brazil)

I recommend to everyone!

January 11, 2023

This was the fourth time I did Pati’s trek and the first time I used the services of a company. I advise everyone to do it. Despite the weather conditions we had (a lot of rain and mud) the PlanetaEXO organization gave us all the necessary security to go ahead with our adventure. They are very organized and all the tour and accommodation logistics worked perfectly. The hosts were much more than guides. As they are natives of the Valley, they taught us a lot about the patizeiros way of life and about the signs of nature, they translated the complex local geography showing us beauties that would be hidden from our eyes in the City: rock formations, plants, animals, the sunrise moon behind the mountain… They behaved irreproachably, always very cheerful, attentive, and careful with our safety. I must highlight the quality of the food and the welcome at Igrejinha and, mainly, at Seu Wilson’s house. Although it wasn’t the first time, it was an equally unforgettable experience, which I recommend to everyone who wants to overcome their physical limitations, develop their mental resilience and immerse themselves in an inner journey, getting in touch with a very unique relationship between space x time in the midst of all the conflicts that plague contemporary society. Thank you PlanetaEXO!!

Carolina Spinola (Brazil)

A very satisfactory environment

January 11, 2023

Both the guide and PlanetaEXO were wonderful… as a biologist, I was able to have a very satisfactory analysis of the environmental perception, arguments, and attitudes of well-educated people. What enchanted me the most it was when he demonstrated his passion for the place and his way of life.

Juliana B. C. M. (Brazil)

Excellent guides!

January 10, 2023

Excellent guides. With a lot of knowledge and, above all, patience. On a trail, you need to know how to deal with different people and situations and both guides showed great aptitude.

Sergio Spinola (Brazil)

Fantastic tour!

January 7, 2023

Fantastic tour!!! Perfect nature and cultural immersion!!! Looking forward to a new adventure that will surely be soon!

Mirella (Brazil)

A special way to ring in 2023!

January 6, 2023

It was absolutely amazing! The best guide was the best we could have ever hoped for! Such a special way to ring in 2023. I cannot begin to express what an amazing experience this was. While I knew it would be beautiful and challenging, this New Year’s trek in Vale do Pati exceeded my expectations in all respects. And I can’t imagine having done it without this guide. From our first meeting, I sensed I would be able to trust him completely. He knew how to “read” us, to understand what we were capable of and push us to go a little beyond our comfort zones while always making sure we were safe. I will never forget our day going to the bottom of Cachoeirão, for one! I hope someday to be able to have him as a guide on another adventure!

James Kessler (United States)